Can I Get Life Insurance with GI Problems?

Did you know that GI problems affect your eligibility for life insurance and the price you’ll pay?

It’s true, especially if you end up with the wrong life insurance company, as companies have significant differences in underwriting.

You may even be wondering if life insurance is even available?

It is, and we will show you how to get it here.

GI Problems Overview

The more time passes, and you have greater control over your medical condition, the better the underwriting outcome.

Underwriters look at 5 areas:

  1. Your exact diagnosis
  2. Time since diagnosis
  3. Treatment received
  4. Current control of the condition
  5. Overall health history

The timing of life insurance related to flare-ups makes a HUGE difference in underwriting outcomes.

Most GI conditions have periods with little to no symptoms, followed by a flare-up. Getting coverage now and planning for the future is the best way to go.

Expert Tip – Get coverage now. We can then discuss re-shopping your coverage between flare-ups to get a better rate.

Working with a high-risk expert ensures you get the best rate available for your health.

Get an instant life insurance quote now. We recommend using the “standard plus” “standard” health class as a starting point.

Life Insurance by Type of GI Problem

The good news is that some life insurance companies specialize in gastrointestinal conditions.

Working with those companies ensures you get your best outcome.

Since the best company varies by type of condition, check out our individual guides for:

For other GI issues such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), the impact on life insurance underwriting is minimal, if at all.

GI Underwriting Questions

We find the best company for you by using a quick quote process.

Your health history is summarized and shopped to companies on an anonymous basis.

It takes three days to hear back from all companies competing for your business.

We need to know the following to provide you with accurate quotes:

  • What type of health issue do you have?
  • When were you diagnosed?
  • How severe is your condition?
  • What kind of treatment did you receive?
  • When did your treatment begin and end?
  • Were you cured, or do you require ongoing treatment?
  • What medications do you take?
  • Do you have recurring symptoms?  If yes, what are they?
  • Have you been declined for life insurance?
  • If yes, by which company?

Underwriters will also want to know if you have other high-risk health conditions such as heart disease, cancer, or a family history of parents or siblings having any of these conditions.

The American College of Gastroenterology classifies GI problems by severity as a guideline for the seriousness of the disease.

Once we receive underwriting feedback, we’ll let you know what each company says regarding underwriting and price.

At that time, we can look at coverage amounts and term lengths available to help you decide on your best option.

Please take a look at our instant term life insurance quotes now. Use the “standard plus” or “standard” health class to give you a ballpark price range.

Which Companies are Best for GI Issues?

The best life insurance companies will depend on your GI condition’s history and current state.

We’ll provide you with the no-obligation, pressure-free quotes to show you which insurance carriers will be best for you.

We can then discuss the type of life insurance, fully underwritten vs. no exam life insurance.

We may have to look at options such as guaranteed issue life insurance or accidental death coverage for severe health conditions.

Previously Rated or Denied Due to GI Problems

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been table-rated or denied life insurance in the past due to gastrointestinal problems.

Most of our clients find us after being rated or declined for life insurance elsewhere.

You may have simply applied to the wrong company the first time.

We’ll ensure you get to the right life insurance company with us!

Gastrointestinal Conclusion

We’ll work together to understand your health history.

We’ll show you the options available based on your health and tell you which companies to work with and which ones to avoid.

While underwriting has become a little more complicated with coronavirus, we still have companies available.

Please take a few minutes to get a No-Pressure life insurance quote today.

We’d love to chat.

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We’d love to chat.

Do You Need Help With Something?

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