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What Type of Coverage Would You Like to See? (Select All That Apply)
Traditional - provides long term care only. If you die without needing long term care, you get nothing. Hybrid - Provides life insurance if you die, and long term care if you need benefits. Term Life - Is a term life insurance policy providing accelerated benefits for chronic and/or critical illnesesses.
Is Your Spouse/Partner Applying for Coverage?
Some companies offer additional discounts for spouses/partners.
Daily Benefit You Would Like for Care
We can help you with average daily costs in your area. If considering a hybrid, we can show you how much benftit that policy will provide.
Elimination Period Before Benefits Begin:
The elimination period is the amount of time that passes before your benefits begin.
Inflation Protection
Most policies offer choices for inflation protection from nothing, simple inflation of 3% - 5% or compound inflation of 3%-5%. The illustrations will show you what each looks like.
Premium Payments
Is there any family history of parents or siblings having heart disease, cancer, or diabetes before the age of 70?
Have you ever been diagnosed with or treated for:
Do you take any medications?