Go “Fund” Yourself Life Insurance

By Michael Horbal - Updated on 08/12/2023

In recognition of the RiskQuoter newly created “Life Insurance Ignorance Month,” this article is for men and women who refuse to protect their families with enough life insurance.

I had an epiphany recently when I received a GoFundMe request to donate to a young family who lost their breadwinner. This person did not have life insurance.

It’s a terrible situation, but I’m thinking, how does this happen repeatedly? Why are people who need life insurance not buying it?

I have some thoughts that I share throughout this article…you may not like what you read.

If you are overly sensitive, you definitely want to skip this article.

Still here? Okay, you’ve been warned.

Hey, Stupid – Why Do You Refuse to Buy Life Insurance?

Too harsh? Get over yourself.

You’re being called out for choosing not to protect your spouse and family with life insurance.

But, hey, if it makes you feel better, you’re not alone. There are lots of stupid people in the United States.

LIMRA and Life Happens estimate that number at 100 million Americans.

Okay, maybe they were more diplomatic in their word choice, but one of the messages in their annual study points out that too many Americans don’t have life insurance or don’t have enough life insurance.

And while LIMRA, Life Happens, and every single life insurance company out there have a similar message, that obviously doesn’t work for you.

You need a special appeal that strips away your excuses, hits you right in the face, and tells you exactly what YOU do to your family when you screw them over forever.

If you’re bristling now, it’s only getting more pointed from here.

You can turn your back on your family again now if you like.

What the “F” is Wrong With You?

Not protecting your family with life insurance may be the most selfish thing you ever do. 

Do you know why?

Because your survivors don’t get a vote.

Your spouse, partner, kids, parents, family, friends, neighbors, coaches, teachers.

Even your dog is stuck with your stupidity long after you die!

sad dog

But that’s okay. Everything will magically work out.

The rest of the world will take over your responsibility when you die.

Think About Your Family

The worst part about leaving your family without life insurance is the mess that you create.

And while your friends and family can’t believe you didn’t have life insurance…your death may do some good by prompting your friends and family to get their own life insurance.

Congratulations, I guess. Unfortunately, the family that needed life insurance the most (YOURS) – is screwed.

Are you a visual person? Imagine this.

About six months after you’re gone, the cold hard truth sets in for the ones you left behind.

Remember that rule of thumb to put six months’ savings away for a rainy day – We both know you didn’t do that either.

Your partner probably cries daily, but now that sadness starts turning to anger because reality is setting in.

The calls from friends and family are less frequent, the meals from friends have stopped, and everyone else has returned to their daily routines, but not your family.

glass, broken, destruction-5105871.jpg

Your partner (the one you abandoned) is packing up the house, telling the kids everything will be okay, but we all know it’s not okay.

But you can change your family’s destiny right now if you want to. You can be a superhero today and start life insurance in about twenty minutes.

But, Nope, you still resist…you’re more willing to protect that crap car of yours than your family…but you would probably skip that too if the state didn’t require car insurance.

What are you thinking?

Do you expect your partner to get a SugarMomma or SugarDaddy after you die?

Go “F” Me Life Insurance

Congratulations! You made a choice even when you didn’t. Once it’s too late, your family’s future is written in stone.

They haven’t dug your grave yet, and everyone is whispering that they heard you didn’t have life insurance.

marguerites, flowers, withered-381222.jpg

The confirmation comes in the form of a GoFundMe message that your siblings, inlaws, parents, or best friend probably wrote.

The perfect Pulitzer Prize-worthy message that pulls on the heartstrings to get that money rolling in.

It will have a nice picture of you smiling with your family right before you screwed them.

Now might be a good time for you to review your GoFundMe reality.

Look at how much money is raised for situations like yours, and you will see the answer is:

Not Much.

In fact, GoFundMe indicated recently that they raise $330 million annually for an estimated 125,000 funeral fundraisers.

That averages $2,640 per memorial.

Why would anyone else care if you didn’t care enough about your family to get life insurance?

Think about this – If you made $50,000 yearly and your family needs that money for ten years after you die, that’s $500,000.

Do you really foolishly think that your partner will be able to come up with $500,000 on GoFundeMe to replace your income?

Hello…Is this sinking into your thick skull yet?

You need life insurance. Get a quote and buy the “F” ing life insurance.

Need more positive encouragement? Here it is.

Don’t Be a Go “F” Yourself Campaign

Here’s your free kick in the A** to buy life insurance TODAY.

That’s right.  You get to be like Ebeneezer Scrooge and get a second chance.

It’s never been easier to buy affordable life insurance. There’s no excuse.

Get as much term life insurance as you can to protect your family. No one will complain if you leave them a large life insurance policy!

And if you decide after all this that you will still not buy life insurance, I have one last message for you.

Go “F” yourself, and I mean that with the utmost respect, stupid!

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