What is RiskQuoter?

Everything you want to know about RiskQuoter is here.

Life insurance companies call the shots; if they don’t want to insure you, they’ll either reject you or charge higher rates in hopes that you go elsewhere.

You may think there are no other options if you don’t know better.

Meet RiskQuoter – We have something to tell you.

What is RiskQuoter?

RiskQuoter is a digital insurance service that helps people in perfect health and those with high-risk health conditions, dangerous occupations, and adventurous hobbies like scuba diving, flying planes, or jumping from them.

We use our expertise in life insurance, long-term care, and disability insurance underwriting, our carrier relationships, and years of experience to do one thing:

Get you the best insurance rates in the market!

It’s as simple (and complicated) as that.

We take our responsibility seriously and will do whatever we can to ensure you end up with the best life insurance company based on your unique life insurance needs and situation.

What RiskQuoter Does

Michael Horbal owns RiskQuoter, an independent insurance service.

You receive the initial information you need to get started from RiskQuoter.

Things like:

Speaking of life insurance companies, we have 40+ companies available for you.

How Does RiskQuoter Create Insurance Content?

I’m Michael Horbal, the owner and creator of all content for RiskQuoter.com. When you shop for life, LTC, or disability insurance, I think it’s important to know where this content comes from to make an informed decision for yourself.

I’ve held my life and health insurance license since 1998 and am licensed in 40 states plus Washington, D.C. I’ve worked on over 30,000 applications and contracted with all major insurance companies.

Expertise – I started as a life insurance wholesaler, helping other insurance agents, financial planners, estate attorneys, and others with their client’s cases, and eventually started my own company, RiskQuoter.

A tremendous advantage of starting as a wholesaler was that much of my early training came directly from the life insurance companies I now offer. Webinars, conferences, and home office trips to meet and work with insurance company representatives were helpful.

Trustworthy Content – All RiskQuoter content is written from the perspective of an active life insurance agent who works with these companies daily.

Factual Insurance Resources Used Include:

  • Agent Approved Material – To obtain the complete product, underwriting, and marketing materials from life insurance companies, you must have a contract with them as an approved agent.
  • Consumer Approved Materials – We provide approved materials directly from insurance companies to clients. Examples include planning concepts, tax guides, and product guides.
  • Underwriting Guidelines—Please remember that we use general underwriting guidelines, high-risk underwriting guidelines, and reinsurance manuals to ensure accurate information when creating content.
  • Illustration Software and Quote Software – We have access to companies detailed software and general quoting software.
  • Case Studies – We maintain detailed underwriting histories of prior cases for people with the same medical conditions you have.
  • Underwriter Access – We have direct underwriter access. The benefit is that this allows us to summarize your health information and get underwriting feedback in a few days from insurers.

The Bottom Line—RiskQuoter.com is an authoritative life, long-term care, and disability insurance website. When you work with us, you get the best rates and most accurate information!

How RiskQuoter Does Business

First off, there is never any pressure or obligation with our service.

You get the information you need to make an informed decision, and we hope you choose us.

But if not, that’s okay – simply tell us to close your file anytime.

Here’s what happens when you request instant life insurance quotes on the website:

  1. You’ll get instant life insurance quotes right then and there.
  2. An auto-email will let you know we received your request.
  3. Your phone will ring as we’ll call you. (we can also do everything via email or text)
  4. We’ll ask you questions to accurately qualify you.
  5. Your quotes will be updated if necessary.
  6. We’ll explain the types of coverage available.
  7. We’re going to ask you if you would like to apply.
  8. You’ll go through the application process
  9. You’ll receive underwriting updates throughout.
  10. We’ll send you the life insurance policy when approved.

Again, there’s never any pressure – you can change your mind anytime.

There’s also no cost to you – EVER.

We want to earn your trust to help you protect your family, business, or estate.

RiskQuoter History

Officially, the RiskQuoter brand started in 2018.

In reality, this has evolved since 1998, building on experiences to provide excellent service.

We wanted to provide an independent insurance service that provides you with:

  • Independence – We work for you, not the insurance company.
  • Choice – Get the best companies here.
  • Expertise – We understand the market and how to get you approved.
  • Easy – Our digital process means no more paper applications or policies.
  • Fast – No more waiting forever to get approved.

Check out the Who is Michael Horbal bio for history and licensing information.

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Final Words

Thank you for taking the time to visit RiskQuoter.

We would love to help you with your life insurance needs and look forward to hearing from you.

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