High Risk

High-risk life insurance is insurance that is designed for people who are considered to be high-risk by insurers.

This can include people with pre-existing medical conditions, dangerous occupations, or risky hobbies.

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We’ll tell you everything you need to know, including which life insurance company is best for you and why they are best for you.

high cholesterol term life insurance

High Cholesterol Life Insurance

You may be paying too much for term life insurance if you have high cholesterol. At RiskQuoter, we maintain a database to ensure you get the best rates based on your history, even if you take medication!

covid life insurance

Covid Life Insurance

How does COVID affect your life insurance approval chances? Find out about postpone periods, underwriting ratings and how long-haul symptoms will affect you in the future.

prostate disorders

Prostate Disorders

Life insurance is available for men who’ve been diagnosed with prostate disorders such as PSA elevations, BPH, prostatitis, prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia and more. Find out which companies will be best for you here.

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