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That’s me. I’m the founder and owner of RiskQuoter. I hate that many people pay too much for life insurance because they end up with the wrong life insurance company, agent, or both.

We’ll give you everything you need to make an informed decision about your life insurance.

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Kind Words from Customers

“I appreciate your help for getting me this insurance policy. You were very professional and seem very honest. Thanks again for your help.”
Larry T.

“Mike was able to get life insurance for me after an initial rejection. I have found him to be very friendly, courteous, and efficient. I would not hesitate to call on him for any future insurance needs.”
Janet W.

“Excellent service, attention to detail and responsiveness.”
Jim D.

“Thank you for going the extra mile for me & my family. I have recommended you to several people, simply because I think you care.”
Mohammed H.

“You handled this anxiety-producing situation with skill and an incredibly astute sense of the issues. I can’t thank you enough.”
Robert T.

“The best service and the best rates! Thanks for all the help!”
Elizabeth C.

This Life Insurance Quote Guide Covers:

How Do Life Insurance Quotes Work?
Comparing Life Insurance Quotes

How Do Life Insurance Quotes Work?

If you are running instant life insurance quotes, you can simply enter your date of birth, general health category, smoker status, and the amount of coverage you would like.

You can then run instant term life insurance quotes for yourself.

For our clients with high-risk health problems, custom life insurance quotes may be a better option for you.

So, here’s what we do.

With RiskQuoter, you can run instant quotes for yourself and/or submit a request for a custom quote that factors into your health history.

We’ll ask you some health questions with the custom life request to ensure the most accurate quotes.

But first, remember that there’s no pressure or obligation with our life insurance service.

You’ll receive the information you need to decide about your life insurance.

Comparing Life Insurance Quotes

When comparing life insurance,

It helps to have a good understanding of the types of life insurance available to you.

Term Life Insurance Quotes

With term life insurance, it’s all about the price.

Which company provides you with the best life quotes based on your individual needs?

Universal Life Insurance Quotes

With universal life insurance quotes,

You have many options, from no-lapse death benefit guarantees to cash value accumulation policies.

Our instant quotes will give you pricing for no-lapse guaranteed universal life policies.

With any permanent insurance product, there are full company illustrations that we will provide to you.

Whole Life Insurance Quotes

If you want whole life insurance, it’s crucial that you receive full illustrations with all the details of the proposed policy.

Our system will not provide instant quotes, but we will provide you with full company illustrations.

We give you the insight to make an informed decision about your life insurance choices.

Group Life Insurance Quotes

Is coverage available through your employer?

Read this article about Group vs. Individual Term Life Insurance to make an informed decision.

Quotes for Health Issues

When you have a high-risk health condition, the wrong life insurance company will cost you a fortune!

We have underwriting guides for many health problems, including:

Quotes for Cancer Patients

Don’t let your cancer history stop you from finding the best insurance quotes for your type of cancer.

Quotes for Heart Conditions

If you’ve had a heart problem,

We offer detailed information on the type of heart condition you’ve had.

Disability Insurance

We also offer the best disability insurance companies available if you want a quote.

Long-Term Care Insurance

RiskQuoter has some great long-term care insurance companies available for you.

Final Words

The bottom line is that you receive accurate quotes with realistic pricing.

We’ll help you with the type of life insurance you are looking for and have guides to help you determine how much life insurance you should consider.

There’s another benefit that is helpful to many.

Life insurance pricing offers price breaks at higher coverage amounts/term lengths.

We look for that when we provide you with quotes.

We look forward to helping you with your pressure-free life insurance shopping experience.

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