CNA Long Term Care Insurance Review


CNA Long-Term Care Insurance People sought after CNA long-term care insurance policies because the policies offered many benefits, the pricing and underwriting were competitive, and the agent commissions were lucrative. My experience is based on […]

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Asset Care by OneAmerica

Asset Care

Asset Care – OneAmerica’s LTC Solution OneAmerica’s Asset Care and Annuity Care are flexible hybrid policies designed to meet your needs, including: OneAmerica’s long-term care insurance products are a good option to consider for your

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Couple reviewing CareMatters II policy


CareMatters II Review – Everything You Need to Know About This Policy! Nationwide offers the CareMatters II product, a hybrid life insurance policy that offers great flexibility: In this article, we’ll show you the product

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couple discussing LTC


MoneyGuard Fixed Advantage The Lincoln MoneyGuard Fixed Advantage plan addresses consumers’ biggest concerns about long term care insurance, including: Lincoln MoneyGuard Fixed Advantage is a great option to consider when you want to know exactly

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Augustar Life Insurance

Augustar Life

AuguStar Life Insurance Review – Should You Consider This Company? In July of 2023, Constellation Insurance, Inc. announced the rebranding of its Ohio National life insurance business as AuguStar Life. According to the company, the

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transamerica life insurance company review


Transamerica Life Insurance Company Review Ratings AM Best – “A”  Moody’s – “A1”  S&P Global – “A+”  History of Transamerica In 1904, Amadeo P. Giannini started Transamerica to help make financial services available to everyone.

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John Hancock life insurance review

John Hancock

In his John Hancock Life Insurance review, Michael Horbal examines the firm’s products, underwriting, and financial stability. He highlights their exceptional underwriting for high-risk health conditions and notes John Hancock’s uniqueness in offering non-tobacco rates for cigar, pipe, or tobacco chewers.

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GEICO Life Insurance

Geico Life Insurance

Although known for auto insurance, Geico doesn’t sell life insurance policies. Any life insurance links on Geico’s portal redirect users to a third-party agency, with Geico bearing no responsibility for policies purchased this way. Essentially, Geico isn’t in the life insurance business.

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group vs term life

Group Life

Group term life insurance offers benefits like easy enrollment but ties coverage to employment. In contrast, individual term life insurance ensures low-price life insurance and stable coverage regardless of employment, with added flexibility and potential for more comprehensive coverage.

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lupus life insurance

Life Insurance with Lupus

Getting life insurance with lupus can be tough, but it’s possible. Some insurance companies have special plans for lupus patients. They look at what type of lupus you were diagnosed with, how often you get flare-ups, and your overall health. RiskQuoter is here to help you navigate this process.

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asthma life insurance

Asthma Life Insurance

In his latest guide, Michael Horbal explains how asthma influences life insurance rates, with insurers seeing asthmatics as high-risk. The severity of asthma, other health conditions, and lifestyle habits impact underwriting and rates. That’s where RiskQuoter can help you.

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cash value term life insurance

Cash Value Term Life Insurance

You can now find term life insurance policies that offer cash values, paid-up insurance, and extended-term options. Kansas City Life Insurance Company introduced Longevity Term 85, which provides a guaranteed cash surrender value if you cancel the policy. You also have the opportunity to choose paid-up insurance or extended-term insurance using the cash value.

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40 year term life insurance

Should You Buy 40-Year Term Life Insurance? Here’s What You Need to Know.

If you’re considering a 40-year term life insurance policy, there are some important things to know. Recently, companies like Banner Life, Protective Life, and Kansas City Life started offering these policies. They come with advantages, like coverage until retirement or for specific financial needs, but disadvantages, such as higher costs.

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