Pipe Smokers Life Insurance

If you are a pipe smoker, non-smoker rates are available.  

Pipe Smokers Overview

It is possible to obtain a non-tobacco rate if you know which company to go to.  Let our expertise with tobacco and nicotine underwriting help you find the best company based on your tobacco use.

Did you know that while most companies would charge you the same rate they charge cigarette smokers, we have a few companies available that will charge you a non-smoker rate.

The savings to you will be tremendous, often saving you 30-50% over a smoker life insurance rate.

Each life insurance company has its own set of underwriting guidelines related to tobacco use. We maintain copies of those life insurance underwriting guidelines and know which companies to go to based on your pipe tobacco use.

If you have a high-risk medical condition, non-smoker rates may not be available but we’ll let you know.

Am I cheating to get a non-tobacco rate?


Some life insurance companies recognize that pipe smoking may not carry the same risks as other tobacco use does.

Each term life insurance company has its own set of guidelines regarding pipe use. Term life insurance rates for pipe smokers will depend on how often you smoke, and if your urine sample is negative for tobacco.

Pipe Smoker Rules

It’s not a secret. We’ll tell you which companies will give you the best non-tobacco rate based on your pipe use.

We’ll tell you which term life insurance companies will require a negative urine specimen in order to qualify for the non-smoker life insurance rate.

You will know this information BEFORE you apply for life insurance!

How Do I get Non-Smoker Rates?

How often do you smoke a pipe? Do you use other tobacco?

Do you Smoke a pipe all the time?

No problem.

There are a few term life insurance companies available that will offer you non-tobacco rates, even if you smoke a pipe every day.

Does My Urine Sample have to be Negative?

We have companies that don’t care about the lab result, and others that do.

We’ll tell you what the guidelines say for the company you are applying to.


We maintain a database of competitive life insurance rates and underwriting guidelines. Call us for a free no pressure, no obligation comparison.

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By Michael Horbal – Updated on 01/28/2023

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