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Hi, this is Michael Horbal!

I want to help you with your life insurance

Michael Horbal

I’m Mike, the founder and owner of RiskQuoter.

I hate that many people pay too much for life insurance because they end up with the wrong life insurance company, agent or both.

That’s why I started RiskQuoter.

We’re here to help you get the best life insurance rates available.

There’s never any pressure or obligation with my life insurance service. Get the information you need to make an informed decision for yourself.

One of the things clients ask me is

“What is your story, and how did you end up in the life insurance business?”

I love the life insurance business! No, I do…so much so that I’ve been doing this since August 1998.

It all started with a long car ride home from Lenox Hill Hospital. We were living in Connecticut at the time and completely overwhelmed.

My wife and I had a 22-month-old at home, and now we’re driving back home with our newborn triplets!

We knew this was coming, but it doesn’t hit you until you try making three car seats fit in a small sedan.

But there was a bigger issue on the horizon…

Remember when I said we were overwhelmed? That was an understatement.

We just needed more family help (it takes a village), so we decided to leave the family land planning business, pack our bags and move to Pennsylvania, where my wife and her family are from.

So there I was with my wife, four kids under age 2, a cat, and no job.

And I needed to make money in a hurry.

I got an interview with the president of the largest high-risk life insurance brokerages in America.

I didn’t know anything about life insurance then, but the president liked that I had an accounting degree, and it was evident that I was motivated to make money.

So here I am, 24+ years later, still specializing in life insurance underwriting.

I also have extensive experience in the life settlement industry, having spent five years managing the Eastern U.S. for one of the largest life settlement providers. in the industry.

Here’s why I want you to work with me

Choosing who you work with is an important decision.

Remember what I said about loving the life insurance business?

I do because it’s allowed me to care for my large family and thousands of other families over the past 24 years.

You don’t realize how important life insurance is until your first death claim is paid, and you know that your client’s family will be okay financially.

But to earn your trust and business, I have to be one of the best in the life insurance industry, and I am.

There are other great agents out there, too… and a lot of shi$&y ones too! I’m here to help you avoid the headache of finding the best life insurance at the best rate that fits your needs based on your lifestyle.

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Why I’m Good at What I Do

Michael Horbal’s Life Insurance Underwriting Expertise

It’s hard to beat the experience you gain working in a life insurance brokerage (BGA) company.

Independent agents don’t work directly with insurance companies. We work through a BGA, also known as a distributor.

I worked on thousands of policies per year for any type of risk you could imagine, negotiating offers directly with underwriters at some of the best life insurance companies in the U.S.

I still maintain those relationships to this day.

Things that set me apart from my competition include:

  • Training – I continuously update my knowledge of underwriting issues.
  • I negotiate underwriting offers directly and know how to achieve the best possible outcome for you.
  • Health Conditions – I’ve taken the time to learn about countless health conditions from an underwriting standpoint.
  • Underwriting Knowledge – I have acquired reinsurance manuals used by insurance companies.  
  • I maintain the underwriting guidelines of each company I work with.
  • Continuing Education – I take continuing education courses regularly, with much of that focus on underwriting.
  • Articles – I’ve been featured in several articles by industry publications over the years.
  • Website Content – I wrote every page and article on this website based on years of experience.


University of New Haven – Bachelor’s of Science – Accounting

I have life and health insurance licensed in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Life Industry Involvement – I’m connected to many aspects of the life insurance business, including:

  • NAILBA – National Association of Life Brokerage Agencies Technology Committee
  • Life Insurance Company Producer Panel for a major life insurer
  • IPipeline – User Research Group for iGo application product, term quote engine, life insurance technology
  • Licensed and compliant with state requirements
  • Continuing Education – I stay informed and up to date on topics such as:
    • Interpreting Medical Reports
    • A Roadmap for the Underwriting Highway
    • Impaired Risk for Agents
    • Underwriting Requirements and Long-Term Care
    • Business Insurance Concepts
    • Estate Planning Techniques for Small Business Owners
    • Life Insurance Strategies for Small Business
    • Business Valuation
    • Business Continuation and Consideration – Prudential
    • Split-Dollar Life Insurance – Lincoln National
    • Hot Funding Ideas using Split-Dollar – Prudential
    • Life and Health Insurance Law
    • Living Trusts and Avoiding Probate
    • Financial Planning
    • Fiduciary Responsibility in a Life Settlement Transaction
    • Individual Retirement Accounts
    • Health Insurance Financial Planning
    • Medicare and Medicare Supplements

I continue to improve my life insurance knowledge regularly.

Final Words

Let me earn your business.

I know that you can choose any insurance agent out there. My track record and relentless approach to helping people find the life insurance they need, no matter the situation, will ensure you get your best rate.

There’s never any pressure or obligation with my service.  

I’ll share the information you need to make an informed decision about life insurance and hope we can work together.

– Michael Horbal

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By Michael Horbal – Updated on 10/02/2022

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