Corebridge Financial – Life Insurance Company Review for 2024

Corebridge’s history, starting as AIG, dates back to 1850. The company offers various products, including life insurance and annuities.

In 2022, AIG Life and Retirement rebranded as Corebridge Financial. The American General Life Insurance Company issues life insurance policies in most states and by The United States Life Insurance Company in New York.

The most recent financial strength ratings are for both life insurance companies.

If you want to see how Corebridge Financial compares, our article reviewing life insurance companies provides an excellent comparison of many companies.

Financial Strength

  • AM Best – “A”
  • S&P – “A+”
  • Moody’s – “A2”
  • Fitch – “A+”

Ratings as of 01/26/2024

Financial Performance Overview

AIG companies have been there to pay their claims, including the payout of $47 billion in claims from 2018-2022.

With $357 billion in assets under management as of December 2022 and 4.4 million policyholders in the U.S., Corebridge has the financial strength to handle your claims, too.

In comparison, New York Life Insurance Company has $700 billion in assets under management.

Corebridge Financial Products Available in 2024

You have several life insurance choices available with Corebridge Financial.

Term life insurance, universal life insurance, index universal life insurance, accidental death insurance, and whole life insurance are available.

The company is known for its competitive life insurance rates, strength with some high-risk health conditions, and permanent insurance products.

Corebridge Select-A-Term

Corebridge Financial (American General) offers term life insurance, including their most popular policy, the “Select-A-Term” product line.  

2024 Select-A-Term Consumer Approved Brochure

The Select-A-Term offers many features that other companies do not, including:

  • Minimum Face Amount – $100,000
  • Issue Ages – 20-80 years old (varies by term length)
  • Choice of Term Lengths
    • 10-year term
    • 15-year term
    • 20-year term life insurance
    • 25-year term
    • 30-year term life insurance
    • 35-year term
    • In addition, Corebridge offers terms in one-year increments, e.g., 16, 17, 18, 19, and 30 years.
  • Great Conversion Options – Including conversion credits
  • Accidental Death Benefit
  • Child Rider
  • Terminal Illness Rider
  • Waiver of Premium Rider
  • High-Risk Underwriting through Table “H”

Sample Corebridge Term Life Insurance Rates

How competitive are term life insurance rates from Corebridge Financial? Rates tend to be in the top 10 for most categories.

Male – Sample Quotes as of 3-20-2024 – Annual Rates – 20-year term life insurance – CA – Preferred Plus rate class.


If you compare Corebridge’s term life insurance rates to a company like Cincinnati Life, you will see that Corebridge offers substantial savings.

Female – Sample Quotes as of 3-20-2024 – Annual Rates – 20-year term life insurance – CA – Preferred Plus rate class.


Corebridge is always worth a look, whether you prefer the best health or have a medical condition.

Corebridge QoL Flex Term Life Insurance

In addition to the Select-A-Term products, Corebridge Financial offers the Quality of Life (QoL) Flex Term life insurance products.

2024 QoL Flex Term Consumer Approved Brochure

The Accelerated Benefit Riders (ABRs) built into the Quality of Life Products make the QoL term life product unique.

Chronic Illness Accelerated Benefit – This rider provides access to your death benefit if you have a qualifying chronic illness event.

You must be unable to perform at least two of six Activities of Daily Living (ADL). While this requirement is similar to that of a long-term care insurance policy, this is not a traditional LTC policy.

Critical Illness Accelerated Benefit—If you have a qualifying critical illness, you may receive a lump sum from your death benefit.

Qualifying critical illnesses include heart attack, stroke, invasive cancer, major organ transplant, renal kidney failure, paralysis, blindness, or ALS.

Product Highlights include:

  • Minimum Face Amount – $100,000
  • Issue Ages – 20-59 years old (varies by term length)
  • Choice of Term Lengths
    • 10-year term
    • 15-year term
    • 20-year term life insurance
    • 25-year term
    • 30-year term life insurance
    • 35-year term
    • In addition, Corebridge offers terms in one-year increments, e.g., 16, 17, 18, 19, and 30 years.
  • Great Conversion Options for the entire term up to age 70.
  • Riders Available:
    • Chronic Illness
    • Critical Illness
    • Terminal Illness
    • Accidental Death Benefit
    • Child Rider
    • Waiver of Premium Rider
  • High-Risk Underwriting through Table “H”

Sample Corebridge QoL Term Life Insurance Rates

QoL term life insurance rates are more expensive than Select-A-Term products but come with additional accelerated benefits.

Male – Sample Quotes as of 3-21-2024 – Annual Rates – 20-year term life insurance – CA – Preferred Plus rate class.


Female – Sample Quotes as of 3-21-2024 – Annual Rates – 20-year term life insurance – CA – Preferred Plus rate class.


Guaranteed Acceptance Whole Life Insurance

Corebridge Financial offers a Guaranteed Acceptance Whole Life Insurance (GIWL) policy.

2024 Guaranteed Issue Whole Life Insurance – Consumer Approved Brochure

This type of whole life insurance policy has no medical underwriting.

  • Face Amounts from $5,000 – $25,000
  • Issue Ages 50 – 80
  • There are no health questions
  • No medical exam required
  • Required premium payments stop at or before age 90.
  • You can not be turned down for health reasons
  • One Page Application
  • Graded death benefit:
    • Years 1 & 2 = 110% of premiums paid.
    • Year 3+ is full face amount less any outstanding policy loans.
    • Accidental Death – Full Face Amount
    • In the event of Suicide – Full Premiums Refunded
  • Premiums are level and are guaranteed not to increase during the policy’s life.
  • Replacements of existing insurance are not allowed.
  • Chronic Illness Acceleration Benefit – Not available in all states
  • Terminal Illness Benefit – Not available in all states

Other companies offering this type of policy include Colonial Penn, Transamerica, and Wellabe.

Secure Lifetime GUL 3

Guaranteed universal life insurance is available with the Secure Lifetime GUL3.

2024 Guaranteed Universal Life 3 (GUL3) – Consumer Approved

The death benefit can be guaranteed regardless of the policy’s cash values, assuming you have paid the required premiums.

  • Minimum Face Amount – $100,000 ($50,000 for ages 50-80)
  • Issue Ages – 18-80
  • Policy Loans against the cash value
  • Cash value withdrawals may be available after the 5th year.
  • Accidental Death Rider
  • Child Insurance Benefit Rider
  • Enhanced Surrender Value Rider
  • Accelerated Access Solution Rider
  • Lifestyle Income Solution Rider
  • Terminal Illness Rider
  • Waiver of Monthly Deduction Rider

Max Accumulator+ III Index Universal Life

Index universal life insurance protection allows the tax-deferred accumulation of cash values.

2024 Max Accumulator+ III – Consumer Approved

Cash values may be used for supplemental retirement planning, college funding, or cash emergencies in future years.

  • Minimum Face Amount – $50,000
  • Issue Ages – 18-80
  • Choice of Level or Increasing death benefit
  • Policy Loans against the cash value
  • Cash value withdrawals after year one may be available
  • Accidental Death Benefit Rider
  • Children’s Insurance Benefit Rider
  • Terminal Illness Accelerated Benefit Rider
  • Waiver of Monthly Deduction Rider
  • Waiver of Specified Premium Rider
  • Overloan Protection Rider
  • Income for Life Rider
  • Select Income Rider
  • Early Cash Value Rider
  • Dollar Cost Averaging Rider
  • Accelerated Access Solution Chronic

The Max Accumulator+ II index universal life policies have full illustrations for each product.

The illustrations are essential as they offer insight into how your premiums provide guaranteed and non-guaranteed features important to each type of policy.

Other companies offering index universal life policies include AuguStar Life, Lincoln National, and John Hancock.

Value+ Protector III Index Universal Life Insurance

Value+ Protector III index universal life insurance protection offers value-priced life insurance with volatility control and cash value access.

2024 Value+ Protector III – Consumer Approved

Highlights include:

  • Minimum Face Amount – $50,000
  • Issue Ages – 18-80
  • Choice of Level or Increasing death benefit
  • Standard and Preferred policy loans
  • Accidental Death Benefit Rider
  • Children’s Insurance Benefit Rider
  • Select Income Rider
  • Dollar Cost Averaging Rider
  • Overloan Protection Rider
  • Terminal Illness Accelerated Benefit Rider
  • Waiver of Monthly Deduction Rider
  • Accelerated Access Solution Rider
  • Protected Premium Rider

With Corebridge, you have many choices, and we’ll help you determine what type and how much life insurance you need.

Request your free, no-pressure, no-obligation quote today.

Corebridge Financial Annuities

Check back soon, as we are adding annuity information to RiskQuoter in 2024!

Annuity Products to be reviewed include:

  • Traditional Fixed Annuities
  • Index Annuities
  • Income Annuities

We’ll have some detailed information available soon, including information about how annuities may be helpful in your life insurance planning.

Fixed Annuities from Corebridge

The American Pathway Fixed 5 annuity is a single premium tax-deferred annuity.

You have a choice of interest rate guarantees, including:

  • One Year
  • Three Years
  • Five Years
  • Five Years with Market Value Adjustment (MVA)

American Pathway Fixed 5 Highlights:

  • Maximum Issue Age – 90
  • Minimum Premium – $25,000
  • Maximum Premium – $2,000,000
  • Surrender Charges – Last for 5 years
    • Year 1 – 9%
    • Year 2 – 8%
    • Year 3 – 7%
    • Year 4 – 6%
    • Year 5 – 5%
    • Thereafter is Zero

Market Value Adjustment (MVA) – If you withdraw amounts greater than allowed during the 5-year guarantee period, the MVA may adjust your withdrawal up or down depending on market conditions.

American Pathway Fixed 7

The Fixed 7 product’s rate guarantee is up to 7 years.

Choice of interest rate guarantees:

  • One Year
  • Three Years
  • Seven Years
  • Seven Years with Market Value Adjustment (MVA)
  • Optional Return of Premium (ROP)

Other highlights include:

  • Maximum Issue Age – 85
  • Minimum Premium – $25,000
  • Maximum Premium – $2,000,000
  • Surrender Charges – Last for 7 Years
    • Year One – 9%
    • Year Two – 8%
    • Year 3 – 7%
    • Year 4 – 6%
    • Year 5 – 5%
    • Year 6 – 4%
    • Year 7 – 2%
    • Thereafter is Zero

Both the Fixed 5 and Fixed 7 products allow withdrawals to be made for extended care and terminal illness.

Death Benefit—Upon death, the contract value or minimum withdrawal value (whichever is greater) is paid to your beneficiary.

There are no withdrawal charges or MVA for death benefit payouts.

Index Annuities by Corebridge

If you’re looking for an index annuity, Corebridge offers the following Power Series options:

  • Power 5 Protector
  • Power 7 Protector
  • Power 7 Protector Plus
  • Power 10 Protector
  • Power 10 Protector Plus

The Protector Plus series products offer an Enhanced Income Benefit for those confined to a qualified facility for 90 days or more.

With the Power Series index annuities, you have a choice of interest crediting options:

  • S&P 500 Index
  • AQR DynamiQ Allocation Index
  • ML Strategic Balanced Index
  • PIMCO Global Optima Index
  • Fixed Interest Account

Income Annuities from Corebridge

Corebridge offers the American Pathway Immediate Annuity and Deferred Income Annuity.

The immediate annuity has a minimum premium of $10,000 and a maximum premium of $1,000,000.

You have up to 12 months before you start receiving annuity payments, and the following payouts are available:

  • 1. Lifetime Income Only
  • 2. Lifetime Income with Certain Period
  • 3. Lifetime Income with Installment Refund
  • 4. Lifetime Income with Cash Refund

We will review the above options with you so understand your choices and make the best decision for your financial situation.

Is it Easy to Get a Policy from Corebridge Financial in 2024?

Corebridge Financial has invested considerable effort into developing its instant approval life insurance process, and we expect it to improve over time.

In 2024, you have several options for getting a policy with Corebridge Financial using the SimpliNow Choice digital submission platform.

To start your Corebridge application, you can choose a Telemed Interview or Electronic Interview. The following paragraphs explain each interview type so you can make an informed decision.

Telemed Interview by Corebridge

With the Telemed Interview option, we gather some basic information from you:

  • Name
  • Address
  • DOB
  • Gender
  • Citizenship Info
  • Place of Birth
  • Driver’s License Info
  • Contact Information
  • Personal Income
  • Household Income
  • Net Worth
  • Beneficiary Information
  • Existing Insurance Information
  • Replacement Information

We gather the above from you and submit a ticket to Corebridge Financial. Their system generates a pending policy number that we provide to you.

Corebridge outsources its Telemed Interviews to ExamOne, which will contact you within 48 business hours after we submit the ticket.

Many times, you will hear from them within the hour. The interview takes about 30 minutes to complete.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The telemed examiner is not your friend – they work for the insurance company. You should answer their questions truthfully, but don’t volunteer information they have not asked you for.

Your answers during the telemed interview will determine if a paramedical exam is required. The interviewer will schedule the exam with you.

You will be emailed your application for review and e-signature if an exam is not required. Once signed, the application is reviewed for an underwriting decision or the next steps.

Electronic Interview

The start of the electronic interview is similar to the above telemed, but that’s it. The electronic interview asks additional questions before we can submit the ticket.

The Electronic Interview is the only application path with Corebridge that offers the potential for a real-time underwriting decision!

The SimpliNow Choice platform for real-time decisions is only available for the Select-A-Term and QoL Flex Term life insurance policies.

Information is validated in real-time, and once we submit the ticket, you will receive an email with a link to complete the interview online rather than having someone call you.

The SimpliNow Choice system analyzes your application, electronic interview, motor vehicle records, MIB, and prescription drug databases.

You may receive underwriting approval and have your policy issued within hours.

If not approved in this manner, your application will automatically continue in underwriting.

Policy face amounts up to $1,000,000 may receive instant approval with Corebridge Financial.

Your life insurance policy will be delivered electronically whether you choose the Telemed Interview or Electronic Interview process.

Corebridge recently introduced Agile Underwriting (AU+) for permanent life insurance products.

With Agile Underwriting, insureds aged 59 and younger can receive up to $1,000,000 of term life insurance or GUL coverage without a paramedical exam.

Up to $2,000,000 is available if applying for an index universal life policy.

Corebridge Underwriting in 2024

The name of the game in 2024 and beyond is accelerated underwriting and instant life insurance approvals.

Every competitive life insurer (including Corebridge) is looking for ways to eliminate paramed exams and medical records and to simplify the overall process.

Agile Underwriting+ (AU+)

Corebridge Financial’s Agile Underwriting AU+ program is new in 2024 and is their lab-free underwriting process, available if you meet the following criteria:

  • Term Life Insurance – Ages 20-59
  • Index Universal Life Insurance (IUL) – Ages 18-59
  • Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance (GUL) – Ages 18-59
  • Face Amount Maximums:
    • Term Life – $1 Million (includes existing Corebridge coverage)
    • IUL & GUL – $2 Million (includes existing Corebridge coverage)
  • Build BMI between 18.5 – 33
  • Blood Pressure – 155/92 or better
  • Cholesterol less than 300
  • Insured has not been rated or declined for life, health, or disability insurance.
  • No bankruptcy in the past five years
  • No DUI or reckless driving violations in the past ten years.
  • You must not have a significant medical history, as described later in this article.

To be eligible for Agile Underwriting, you must meet additional criteria described here in addition to the above. These additional criteria may push you out of Agile Underwriting and into traditional Underwriting.

Medical and Non-Health Situations that do not allow AU+ underwriting include:

  • Uncontrolled Medical Conditions
  • Type 1 Diabetes
  • Heart Disease
  • Stroke History
  • Cancer History
  • Suicide Attempt History
  • Illegal Drug Use
  • Alcohol Abuse History
  • Military Occupations
  • Previously Declined or Rated

The above lists are not all-inclusive, as other reasons may bump you into traditional underwriting.

The benefits of Agile Underwriting are that more cases (60% of term cases) qualify for lab-free underwriting, fewer medical records are ordered, and some insureds may qualify for instant approval through the SimpliNow Choice platform.

What Happens if You Don’t Qualify for Agile Underwriting?

We’ll let you know if your application doesn’t qualify for AU+ underwriting. In that case, your application will continue with traditional underwriting, requiring a paramed exam and medical records.

Additional Tests for Clients Aged 71 or Older

Like many companies, Corebridge now screens for fragility and cognitive impairments by implementing the following tests into underwriting.

Gait Test – Assesses your ability to walk at an average pace.

Chair Stand Test: This test assesses your ability to rise from a seated position without using your arms. It is repeated five times.

Cognitive Testing – measures your cognitive health by testing memory, problem-solving abilities, perception, and reasoning.

You’ll find additional information about these tests – here

Underwriting Credit Programs

Corebridge is known for its underwriting credit programs that may help you get a better rate!

Expanded Standard—If you are between 18 and 70, you may still qualify for standard rates if you normally receive a Table 1 or Table 2 Rating.

While this program is only available for Corebridge’s universal life insurance products, the savings may make permanent insurance a worthwhile consideration for a term policy.

Flex Points Credits Program – This was recently introduced to replace the Health Credits and Preferred Offsets programs.

The following criteria are current as of our 3/20/2024 review of Corebridge underwriting material.

With the Flex Points Credits Program, you may receive one Preferred Class upgrade or one Substandard Class improvement if you meet any four factors.

  • Normal Cardiac Workup
  • Normal CT Scan
  • A1c < 5.5
  • LDL <100, Ratio of 5.0 or less
  • BMI – 23-25
  • BP 120/80 or better
  • Normal Mammogram
  • Good Exercise Capacity Test
  • Normal Cardiac Catheter
  • Normal Colonoscopy
  • NT Pro-BNP<100
  • Normal CBC
  • Normal Carotid Ultrasound
  • Normal Liver Functions
  • Normal Prostate Exam
  • Favorable Lab Risk Score

Special conditions may apply. Certain Flex Points Credits vary by age, and credits may not be available for tests performed on younger individuals. All credits have additional requirements and time frame criteria before the insured can use them to improve a rating.

Lab Smart Scoring considers lab results from a mortality standpoint rather than examining them to see if they are within the normal range.  

The result is that a Smart Score is developed based on all of your lab results, and the Smart Score may help you improve your underwriting offer.

Important to note is that these credits are automatically applied to your underwriting decision.

High-Risk Life Insurance with Corebridge

Certain medical conditions like heart disease, cancer history, chronic medical conditions, etc., fall under the high-risk life insurance category.

Most high-risk (or impaired risk) conditions follow traditional underwriting rules, as instant approvals and Agile Underwriting are unavailable.

One of the significant advantages Corebridge has with high-risk underwriting is that Corebridge uses a “special non-tobacco” rate class for these types of cases.

The “special non-tobacco” rate is less expensive than most other companies’ standard rates used for high-risk underwriting.

Corebridge Underwriting Niches

Corebridge is known for its competitive offers for the following medical conditions:

  • Build
  • Asthma
  • Heart Disease
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Diabetes
  • Anxiety, depression, and mood disorders
  • Ulcerative colitis
  • Seizure Disorders
  • Thyroid Cancer
  • Melanoma In-Situ
  • Truvada Medication

Something to Note in 2024 – We recently noticed less aggressive underwriting offers from Corebridge with health impairments. It remains to be seen if they remain leaders with high-risk cases.

Non-Medical Underwriting Niches with Corebridge

Corebridge is competitive in other areas such as:

  • Private Aviation
  • Scuba Diving
  • Military Personnel
  • Marijuana Use
  • Cigar Smokers

Uninsurable Medical Conditions with Corebridge

There are several medical conditions that American General will not insure, including:

Abdominal aortic aneurysms that were repaired within the past six months.
Alcohol treatment within the past two years.
Alzheimer’s disease
Kidney Dialysis
Myelodysplastic Syndrome
Medical testing was advised but not completed.
Remember that just because one company won’t insure your medical condition does not mean that all companies consider you uninsurable.

For people with uninsurable medical conditions, final expense and accidental death policies may be your best option.

Does Corebridge Financial Provide Good Customer Service?

Corebridge Financial has good customer service and is available via phone or online.

You may reach Corebridge Financial at 800-888-2452 with questions about your policy.

You may also access policy information online.

Corebridge Financial login – Client Access (a new window will open)

Address: 2727-A Allen Parkway – Houston, Texas 77019

Final Words

Corebridge Financial is a great company to consider for your life insurance.

Please submit your quote request today.

We’ll provide quotes from Corebridge and competitors so you may see which company is best for you. Thank you.

American General Life Insurance Company (AGL) policies are issued except in New York, where The United States Life Insurance Company issues them in the City of New York (US Life).

Issuing companies AGL and US Life are responsible for the financial obligations of insurance products and are members of American International Group, Inc. (AIG).

Products may not be available in all states, and product features, including rates, may vary by state. The claims-paying ability of the issuing insurance company backs guarantees.

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