How to Get Approved for Life Insurance if You Carry Naloxone

How to Get Approved for Life Insurance if You Carry Naloxone

Naloxone Life Insurance Overview

Naloxone Overview

Did you know that some companies will deny life insurance if you carry Naloxone?

It’s true, but we’re going to show you which carriers are best with life insurance underwriting for Naloxone!

Naloxone is a life-saving drug that can reverse the effects of an opioid overdose.

Whether you have a family member who is addicted to opioids or you just want to be prepared to help a stranger in need, naloxone (aka Narcan, Enzio) saves lives.

In our business, we specialize in high risk life insurance.

We help clients who have medical problems, dangerous jobs, adventurous hobbies, or unique underwriting circumstances.

We’ve helped clients with similar stories to the one you’re about to read,

But the following article by Martha Bebinger brings a much-needed spotlight to the life insurance industry.

The Naloxone Story That Prompted This Article

Martha Bebinger is a health care reporter for WBUR – an NPR affiliate in Boston.

Martha’s article Why You May Be Denied Life Insurance For Carrying Naloxone is a must-read.

The story is about a nurse in Boston who obtained a prescription for naloxone.

She obtained the prescription to help other people, never realizing that her compassion would negatively affect her own life insurance efforts.

This article has generated a firestorm, prompting responses from a senator, insurance commissioners, and the public.

We wrote our article to let people know that there are life insurance companies that do not penalize naloxone when prescribed to help others!

We ran into this same type of problem for people who take the medication Truvada.

Naloxone Life Insurance Underwriting by Company

Naloxone life insurance underwriting as it turns out is pretty straightforward.

Most life insurers either hate it or will insure you if the circumstances are explained upfront.

We decided to do an informal survey of life insurers that we work with to see how they view naloxone prescriptions. 

We made it clear that the naloxone was not for personal use but to help others in need.

Known as a “standing order” prescription, pharmacists and physicians may prescribe naloxone (Narcan) to you when it is not for a specific person,

But rather to have it available in the event it’s needed for an emergency.

Forty-Nine states have laws on the book that allow some form of distribution of naloxone for non-patient-specific prescriptions.

For the carriers that will insure you, it’s important to address naloxone before applying for coverage to ensure the best underwriting outcome.

We’ll help you write a letter when you apply for coverage.

We’ve listed life insurance companies and their responses.

Check back often as we will continue to update as additional responses are received.

(If you’re a life insurer looking to change your response or add your company, please reach out to us)

AIG/American General – If medical records confirm no history of personal substance abuse, AIG will consider for the best rate class.

AXA – Case would be considered on an individual basis and offer would be based on whatever class they would qualify for medically.

Brighthouse Financial – Would not underwrite Narcan prescriptions.

John Hancock – The risk would be assessed based on the merits of each case. 

Lincoln Financial Group – These clients would qualify for the best underwriting class if they otherwise qualified.

Minnesota Life – Client would be declined

Nationwide – With this medication, it’s a Decline

Pacific Life – We would underwrite the health care worker’s life risk.

Protective – If no personal med history of any substance usage & no violations of regulations regarding administration/accountability for its use = no rating.

Prudential – Based on the medical history provided, this falls under our “Individual Consideration” category and would require a full review of medical records.

Symetra – Based on the information provided, we prefer no offer due to the use of Rx naloxone, assuming Rx is specifically prescribed to the client.

Transamerica – We would require a cover letter explaining the prescription, as well as obtaining medical records.

If no indication that it is for personal use, we would likely accept it as qualifies otherwise.

United of Omaha – Regret, prefer no participation if naloxone was prescribed to the proposed insured.

Zurich – Individual consideration, but would possibly consider Standard or better as qualifies if there is no evidence of personal drug misuse.

We suspect that more life insurers will reconsider their stance in time.

There is a similar problem currently taking place with the medication Truvada that is used to reduce the risk of HIV. 

Some companies are beginning to underwrite this as well now.

In conclusion:

The best course of action if you have a similar circumstance is to reach out to us first.

We use a quick quote process for life insurance underwriting that allows us to reach out to multiple companies for underwriting feedback.

The benefit to you is that we shop the market for you and share the responses with you so that you can make an informed decision.

Keep in mind that there is never any pressure or obligation with our life insurance service.

Please take a few minutes to submit your quote request today.

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