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RiskQuoter offers underwriting expertise, highly rated life insurance companies, and the best-priced life insurance to get you covered!

Requesting quotes with RiskQuoter

Request Quotes

Your information is safe with us. We use a secure, encrypted system to receive your information.

field underwriting with RiskQuoter

Field Underwriting

When you submit your request, we review your health history and ask clarifying questions to provide you with accurate quotes.

life insurance quotes with RiskQuoter

Life Insurance Types & Quotes

We discuss the types of life insurance, riders, and options available so you can make an informed decision.

RiskQuoter application process

Application & Underwriting

When you’re ready to apply, our digital application process speeds you through the underwriting process.

RiskQuoter underwriting decision

Underwriting Decision

You’ll receive an underwriting decision. If you like the offer, you can accept it. If you don’t like the offer or get declined, we can pivot to a new company.

RiskQuoter life insurance process

Request Life Insurance Quotes

There’s no obligation with our life insurance service. We use a secure, encrypted submission process to receive your information. When submitting your request, you can answer as many or as few questions as you like.

field underwriting

Field Underwriting

Field underwriting is the process of gathering facts about you to help us provide you with accurate life insurance quotes.

We do this on the front end to give you a realistic expectation of what you will pay for your life insurance!

After all, what good is a life insurance quote if you are never going to qualify for that rate?

If you have a high-risk health condition now or in the past, field underwriting reviews the details of your medical history.

Remember that we are here to help you get the best life insurance rates you can qualify for.

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types of life insurance and quotes

Types of Life Insurance & Quotes

We show you the options available and provide quotes for the type of life insurance you want.

We’ll help you find the best life insurance policy to meet your needs. That’s the RiskQuoter promise.


The best life insurance companies are available, including:

Life Insurance Company Review Articles

Recent life insurance company reviews

Kind words from customers

See what some of our RiskQuoter clients had to say

“Michael was very professional and followed up when necessary. He also found the best rates and coverage available.” – Daniel P.

“I highly recommend working with Michael. He was incredibly patient with me throughout the process & I felt I had an advocate in him.” – Alex F.

“Mike was able to get a great deal for me with previous cancer history, after being turned down by multiple insurers. 5 Stars should be 10 Stars in my book…” – John H.

application and underwriting


life insurance companies

At RiskQuoter, we use accelerated underwriting and e-applications to speed you through the underwriting process using the best life insurance companies.

As you work through underwriting, we’ll keep you updated throughout the application process.

Underwriting Decision

We’ll let you know when the life insurance company makes an underwriting decision.

Underwriting decisions include:

  • Approved as Applied – You get the offer you wanted and can go ahead and accept your policy.
  • Approved Other Than Applied – The company approves your application at a different rate than you applied for. Your offer may include a table rating or a flat extra.
  • Postponed – Companies may postpone your application when they need additional information.
  • Declined – Sometimes, life insurance companies decline your application due to your medical history.

Once we have a decision for you, we’ll discuss the options available so you can make an informed decision about your life insurance.

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Whether your life insurance is for family protection, business planning, or taking care of your estate needs, RiskQuoter can help you plan your life insurance needs.

life insurance proceeds

Business Owner Life Insurance

Suppose you need life insurance for your business to cover SBA loan requirements of Key Person coverage. In that case, RiskQuoter has a great selection of policies to meet your needs—everything from term life insurance to universal life, survivorship life insurance, and more.

Get Customized Life Insurance Quotes

You can go from quote to application to underwriting quickly with our service.

Are you a business owner?

We have many coverage options to help you with your Key Person and SBA loan requirements.

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