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How Does RiskQuoter Create Life Insurance Content?

I’m Michael Horbal, the owner and creator of all content for When you shop for life insurance, I think it’s important to know where this content comes from to make an informed decision for yourself.

Experience – I’ve had my life insurance license since 1998 and am licensed in all 50 states plus Washington, D.C. I’ve worked on over 30,000 applications and contracted with all of the major life insurance companies.

Expertise – I started as a life insurance wholesaler, helping other insurance agents, financial planners, estate attorneys, and others with their client’s cases, and eventually started my own company, RiskQuoter.

A tremendous advantage of starting as a wholesaler was that much of my early training came directly from the life insurance companies I now offer. Webinars, conferences, and home office trips to meet and work with insurance company representatives were helpful.

Trustworthy Content – All RiskQuoter content is written from the perspective of an active life insurance agent who works with these life insurance companies daily.

Factual Life Insurance Resources Used Include:

  • Agent Approved Material – You must be contracted to obtain the complete product, underwriting, and marketing materials from life insurance companies.
  • Consumer Approved Materials – We provide approved materials directly from insurance companies to clients. Examples include planning concepts, tax guides, and product guides.
  • Underwriting Guidelines – Both general underwriting guidelines, high-risk underwriting guidelines, and reinsurance manuals are used when creating content to make sure you get accurate information.
  • Illustration Software and Quote Software – We have access to companies detailed software and general quoting software.
  • Case Studies – We maintain detailed underwriting histories of prior cases for people with the same medical conditions you have.
  • Underwriter Access – We have direct underwriter access. The benefit is that this allows us to summarize your health information and get underwriting feedback in a few days from insurers.

The Bottom Line – is an authoritative life insurance website. You get the best rates and most accurate information when you work with us!

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We use accelerated underwriting and e-applications to speed you through the underwriting process using the best life insurance companies.


We’ll help you find the best life insurance policy to meet your needs.

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Regardless of whether your life insurance is for family protection, business planning, or taking care of your estate needs, we can help you plan your life insurance needs.


If you need high-risk life insurance, our experience will ensure you get affordable life insurance.

High-Risk Examples

  • Heart Conditions
  • Cancer History
  • Diabetes
  • HIV Positive
  • Gastrointestinal
  • Asthma – Respiratory
  • Brain – Nervous System

Niche Areas

life insurance underwriting folder

If you’ve been declined for life insurance, we can help you.

Were you approved with a table rating or a flat extra added to your policy? Our expertise with life insurance underwriting will help you find the best rate available.

Additionally, while tobacco and nicotine products are not high-risk, they require underwriting expertise to help you get non-tobacco rates whenever available.

We specialize in underwriting for:

No matter what you use, we can help.

Kind words from customers

See what some of our clients had to say

“Michael was very professional and followed up when necessary. He also found the best rates and coverage available.” – Daniel P.

“I highly recommend working with Michael. He was incredibly patient with me throughout the process & I felt I had an advocate in him.” – Alex F.

“Mike was able to get a great deal for me with previous cancer history, after being turned down by multiple insurers. 5 Stars should be 10 Stars in my book…” – John H.

Business Owner Life Insurance

If you need life insurance for your business to cover SBA loan requirements of Key Person coverage, we have a great selection of policies to meet your exact needs—everything from term life insurance, universal life, survivorship life insurance, and more.

Get Instant Life Insurance Quotes or
Customized Life Insurance Quotes

It’s Your Choice! You can go from quote to application to underwriting quickly with our service.

Are you a business owner?

We have many coverage options to help you with your Key Person and SBA loan requirements.

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