Cigar Smokers Never Pay Smoker Life Insurance Rates!

cigar smokers life insurance

Cigar smokers NEVER pay smoker rates for life insurance (as long as you listen to us).

The following will help you determine which life insurance company is best.

  1. How often do you smoke cigars?
  2. Can you stop smoking long enough to provide negative lab results?

There are no wrong answers – everyone gets non-smoker cigar rates!

This guide tells you which company is best for your situation.

Cigar Smoker Life Insurance Expertise

We have years of experience helping cigar smokers get the best life insurance rates.

Everything from daily smokers to celebratory cigars, we see it all.

If you’ve had problems with underwriting, we can help fix them.

Examples include:

  • Not admitting cigar use on your application.
  • Testing positive for cotinine when trying to get the best rates.
  • Medical record discrepancies with applications.
  • Use of other tobacco products
    • Chewing tobacco
    • Pipe smokers
    • Cigarette smokers
    • Marijuana smokers
    • Cigar chewers

It’s easy to save compared to companies that charge you smoker rates!

Cigar smokers get non-tobacco rates with these companies.

  • Corebridge Financial (formerly AIG-American General)
  • AXA Equitable
  • Banner Life
  • John Hancock
  • Lincoln National
  • Minnesota Life
  • Mutual of Omaha
  • Nationwide
  • Principal
  • Protective Life
  • Prudential
  • Symetra

We’ll tell you which company is best based on your cigar usage.


You have questions about life insurance for cigar smokers, and we have the answers!

Great Policies with Affordable Rates!

Whether you need term life, universal, or whole life insurance, we offer the industry’s most competitive companies and rates.

Plus, there is never any pressure or obligation with our life insurance service.

2024 Cigar Smoking Rules by Company

Every company publishes its cigar guidelines. We’ve summarized the most competitive companies here for you.

CompanyPfd BestPfdStd PlusStd
Corebridge1 Per Week1 Per Week1 Per Week1 Per Week
AXA1 Per Month1 Per Month1 Per Month
Banner1 Per Month1 Per Month1 Per Month1 Per Month
Brighthousen/a4 Per Year1 Per Month1 Per Month
John Hancock1 Per Month1 Per Month2 Per MonthNO LIMIT
Lincoln1 Per Month2 Per MonthNO LIMIT
Minnesota1 Per Month2 Per Month2 Per Month2 Per Month
Nationwide1 Per Month5 Per Monthn/a5 Per Month
Pacific Life1 Per Month1 Per Month1 Per Month1 Per Month
Principal1 Per Month2 Per Month2 Per Month2 Per Month
Protective6 Per Year1 Per Month1 Per Month
Prudential2 Per Month2 Per MonthNO LIMITNO LIMIT
Symetra2 Per Month2 Per Month2 Per Month2 Per Month
Omaha2 Per Month2 Per Month2 Per Month2 Per Month
2024 Underwriting Updates for Cigar Smokers.

Based on your cigar smoking history, we’ll tell you who the best life insurance companies are.

Whether you want term life, universal, or whole life, you’ll get quotes from the most competitive companies.

Daily Cigar Smokers

Daily cigar smokers qualify for non-tobacco rates as long as there is no cigarette smoking.

You can even smoke at your paramed exam with some life insurance companies and still get a non-smoker rate!

The three most competitive companies for daily cigar smokers have underwriting rules that you must meet to get the non-tobacco rates:

  • No Cigarette Smoking in the past 12 months
  • Other Tobacco Use, if any, needs to be discussed with us
  • The application indicates daily cigar use
  • Medical records are consistent regarding smoking status
  • Your lab results may be positive for cotinine (derived from nicotine)

The three best life insurers for daily smokers are:

Prudential – This is the best overall for cigar smokers as their “Non-Smoker Plus” rate is available.

Lincoln Financial and John Hancock will consider “Standard Non-Tobacco” rates for cigar smokers.

Let us know if you use recreational marijuana, as different underwriting rules apply.

Occasional Cigar Smoking

If you smoke the occasional cigar and have good health,

A “Preferred” or “Preferred best” rate is possible.

Most companies offer non-tobacco rates for occasional cigar use.

Your lab results must be negative to obtain these rates.

The frequency of occasional cigar use determines which life insurer is best for you.

Here are some examples of occasional cigar use:

Corebridge Financial– 1 cigar per week = Preferred Plus
Banner Life – 1 cigar per month = Preferred Plus rates.
Protective Life – 6 cigars per year = Select Preferred rates.
Prudential – 2 cigars per month = Preferred Best rates.

Banner Life offers a 40-year term life insurance policy that offers up to $500k of life insurance with no exam.

Occasional Cigar Pitfalls

The following factors may ruin your day with the wrong company:

  • Recent approval at tobacco rates – Companies check the MIB and may hold this against you.
  • Other Tobacco Use- Limits the choice of companies.
  • Medical Records – Will your medical records match the usage of your cigar on the application?
  • High-risk medical conditions
  • Niche programs like Costco life and AICPA Life have less favorable underwriting rules and more restrictive build requirements.
  • Recent Lab Results—If you have positive lab results from other companies or your own medical records, they could tank your rate!

We’ll tell you which life insurers are best for you and provide the rules upfront so you don’t overpay.

Celebratory Cigars

A friend’s wedding, a divorce, the birth of a baby, or celebrating your spouse’s new job are all excellent reasons for camaraderie, sometimes including the occasional celebratory cigar.

It will not be a problem with 99% of the right life insurers.

Just let us know, and we’ll steer you to the correct term life companies.

Ensure your lab results are negative and admit the celebratory cigar on the application.

And with recent improvements in underwriting, you’ll be happy to know that some carriers will allow their no-exam life insurance policies as long as your medical records have current lab results available.

Former Cigar Smokers

This applies to daily cigar smokers who recently quit.

During the first 12 months after you quit, the best rate opportunity will be the same as a daily cigar smoker.

After 12 months, we can get you the best non-tobacco life insurance rate classes with some companies.

As long as you would otherwise qualify for the best rates.

Other Tobacco Use with Cigars

The companies available are limited if you use other tobacco and smoke cigars.

Prudential at their Non-Smoker Plus rate is the best option.

They’ll still consider non-tobacco rates for other tobaccos.

This includes chewing tobacco, pipe tobacco, nicotine gum, and nicotine patches.

As of 10/2019, Prudential treats e-cigarettes as tobacco use.

Other companies may reconsider their tobacco underwriting due to long-term health risks described by the CDC.

Lincoln will consider standard non-tobacco rates if the other tobacco used is chewing or pipe tobacco.

Cigar Smokers Lab Tests

Many people ask us:

Am I cheating to get a cigar non-smoker life rate?

Would cheating help to get life insurance for smokers?

Absolutely not!

Some life insurance carriers recognize that cigar smoking does not have the same health risks as cigarette smoking.

While there are still risks to any tobacco product, cigars are not even in the same category as cigarettes.

On the application, you’ll indicate that you smoke cigars and the frequency of cigar use.

Life insurance paramed exams test for cotinine, which is derived from nicotine use.

Make sure yours is negative if applying for the best rates.

Although you’ll still need to admit frequent, occasional, or former cigar smoking on your life insurance application, neither cotinine nor nicotine is detectable in a urine analysis after about 4 to 10 days.

Cigar Smoking Rules by Life Insurer

The rules for cigar smokers change regularly.

All cigar smokers receive non-tobacco life insurance rates at Prudential! That’s right.

You may smoke cigars every day of the year, and Prudential will still give you a “Non-Smoker Plus” life insurance rate.

Your urine specimen may be positive for the nicotine byproduct cotinine, as Prudential does not care about this.

Prudential is the only life insurance company in the industry that will offer “Non-Smoker Plus” rates for daily cigar smokers.

And Pru offers excellent life insurance riders like accidental death and many settlement options with their policies.

Only a handful of life insurance companies offer non-tobacco life insurance rates for daily cigar smokers.

About The Top Three Life Insurance Companies For Cigar Smokers

Earlier, we noted that Prudential, Lincoln Financial Group, and John Hancock were the best life insurance companies for cigar smokers and daily smokers.

Here, we will review each company so that you are better equipped with information when you decide.

Prudential. Prudential Financial is a Fortune 500 company.

With a value of more than $815 billion, Prudential is easily the largest insurance provider in America. Prudential has many different terms and whole life insurance options for smokers.

During your initial consultation, we will ask about your goals and life insurance needs, whether or not you wish to only provide money for people who rely on you if you want to leave a legacy, or if you need the policy for your business.

We can help you set up business policies for SBA loans, key person coverage, or other collateral assignment needs.

Lincoln Financial Group. A Fortune 200 hundred company, Lincoln Financial Group has been in the insurance and asset management business since 1905.

Lincoln Financial Group makes it easy to decide which type of life insurance you need based on your lifestyle, needs, and desire for flexible or fixed premiums.

John Hancock. Founded in 1862, Boston-based John Hancock Financial is another powerhouse in the life insurance industry.

In addition to exceptional life insurance rates, John Hancock customers may be eligible for the company’s exclusive VitalityGo wellness program.

Recent Articles:

About Underwriting

At RiskQuoter, we take pride in understanding how tobacco underwriting works.

This is why so many people trust us for life insurance quotes.

But what is underwriting?

Underwriting is simply assessing a potential client’s risk to the insurance company.

The life insurance underwriting process begins with a life insurance application.

Your application will include beneficiary information, family medical history, occupation, i.e., police officer, and medical history.

The Best Life Insurance For Cigar Smokers Isn’t A Secret

RiskQuoter leverages its relationships with the nation’s largest insurance companies to help you find an insurance provider willing to offer a non-smoker rate for responsible cigar or pipe usage.

Some of our companies don’t care about your lab results.

As long as you are honest about your tobacco consumption, we can help you find a life insurance company to protect your family’s livelihood in the future.

Final Words

We maintain a database of competitive life insurance rates and underwriting guidelines.

This helps us help you make a more informed decision on life insurance policies that match your budget and needs.

We’ll match you to the best companies and show why our recommendation is the best rate. So whether you need $1,000,000 life insurance or something smaller, we have excellent choices.

We know that some companies are better for cigar smokers than others.

So let us help you choose the company that will accept your lifestyle choices and habits.

Please take a few minutes to complete your quote request today. Thank you.

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