Cigarette Smokers Life Insurance

We have great rates, including programs offering non-smoker life insurance rates!

Smokers Life Insurance – How Underwriting Works

You must understand how life insurance companies underwrite you if you smoke cigarettes.

Our tobacco and nicotine underwriting expertise will help you navigate life insurance underwriting to obtain your best rate.

Each company has its underwriting guidelines regarding life insurance for smokers.

Generally speaking, if you smoke up to 1 pack of cigarettes daily, the best smoker rates are available.  

If you smoke more than one pack daily, some companies will give you their standard smoker rates but not their preferred ones.

Non-smoker rates for cigarette smokers

It’s true.  A company is available that will offer non-smoker rates to occasional cigarette smokers!

It is important to note that qualifying for a non-smoker term life insurance rate as an occasional cigarette smoker is not easy.  

In fact, most people do not qualify for it, but if you are the occasional cigarette smoker, it is worth a try.

If you have a high-risk medical condition, this program will not work for you.

Typically, an occasional cigarette smoker will be someone who smokes five or fewer cigarettes daily and has never been a pack-per-day smoker.

Based on your information, we can discuss this in detail and contact underwriting upfront to see if a non-smoker rate would apply.

Life insurance for ex-smokers

Did you quit smoking cigarettes?

All life insurance companies will consider you a smoker for the first 12 months from the date you quit smoking.

Some companies consider you a smoker for up to 24 months after you quit.

What kind of non-smoker rate is available?

If you quit smoking for at least 12 months, we can get you a non-smoker rate now.

As more time passes, it will be possible to obtain better rate classes.

If you quit 12 months ago, some companies will offer you their “preferred” non-smoker rate,

While others will offer their “Standard” non-smoker rate.

If you are looking for a longer-term life insurance policy,

It may pay to lock in a shorter-term now and, when more time passes, come back for a longer-term policy.

We’ll review company guidelines with you and show you shorter and longer terms to give you an idea of what to expect for rates.

Sample Ex-Smoker Life Insurance Case

Male – Age 45, Excellent health, quit smoking 12 months ago, looking for $500,000 – 20-year term.

The best non-smoker rate in the country is $625 per year. 

This rate would not be available as the company requires that you be a non-smoker for five years to qualify for this rate. 

The best rate available would be $755 per year.

Call us to discuss the best rate for you. 

Each company has different guidelines. 

We will share that information with you so that you know which company is best for you.

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