Mini Stroke Life Insurance – We Can Help You Get a Great Rate!

mini stroke

We help you get life insurance if you’ve had a mini-stroke.

Some companies specialize in high-risk life insurance that know how to underwrite mini-strokes.

Mini Stroke Overview

With a mini-stroke (TIA), life insurance underwriting will be based on the underlying cause if known.

A transient ischemic attack is caused by a blockage or clot in your brain, usually only lasting a few minutes.

Do you have an underlying heart condition such as atrial fibrillation, valve disease, heart attack history, or atherosclerotic disease?

Mini-Stroke Underwriting

Age 55 seems to be the magic age regarding how underwriting will treat you.

If you were age 55 or older at the time of your TIA, life insurance underwriting tends to be more favorable than if you had one before age 55.

It’s common for life insurance companies to postpone offering coverage to you for 4-6 months after your TIA.

4-6 months After a Mini Stroke

  • Age 55 and Over – Standard rates plus an additional 50 – 75% increase over standard life rates.
  • Under Age 55 – Standard rates plus an additional 50% increase over standard life rates.

1 Year After a Mini Stroke

  • Age 55 and Over – Possible standard life rates.
  • Under Age 55 – Possible standard life rates.

5 Years After a Mini Stroke

  • Age 55+ – Standard Plus Life Rates may be available.
  • Under Age 55 – Standard Plus life insurance rates.

After ten years, qualifying for preferred non-smoker life insurance rates may be possible.

Still Smoking After a Mini Stroke?

If you still smoke after having a TIA, companies will charge you a lot more for life insurance or will decline you.  

The mortality risk is too significant for most companies to consider.

Underwriting typically adds a 25-50% rating for continued smoking.

The best way to find life insurance after a TIA is to let us shop your information out to multiple insurance companies.  

It only takes a few days for us to receive company feedback and provide you with accurate life insurance quotes.


At RiskQuoter, our high-risk life insurance experts will help you find your best life insurance rate.

Remember that there is never any pressure or obligation with our life insurance service. 

We’ll give you the information you need to decide about your life insurance.

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