High Risk Life Insurance

If you have a high-risk health history, we’ll help you find the best life insurance companies to meet your needs.

Don’t let a health issue stop you from getting affordable life insurance.

With RiskQuoter, we’ll match you with life insurers who understand health issues.

Cancer Life Insurance

The following is an excellent guide for a quick overview of cancer life insurance.

Life Insurance for Cancer Patients and Survivors

If you need answers for specific cancers, start here:

You will find life insurance details by the type of cancer, cancer stage, and treatment received.

Diabetes and Endocrine Disorders

Endocrine disorders require expertise to help you find your best life insurance rate, and that’s precisely what we do:

Endocrine Disorders Life Insurance

You’ll find individual articles on the following:

The above details everything you need to know in order to get affordable life insurance rates.

Life Insurance with Heart Conditions

The following is a general guide to getting life insurance with a heart condition.

Getting Life Insurance with Heart Conditions

In addition to the above, we also offer the following detailed guides.

You’ll find price ranges and expectations in the above guides.

HIV Positive Life Insurance

The following life insurance article gives you everything you need to know.

HIV Life Insurance

The above article details HIV underwriting by the company and provides sample rates from those companies.

Gastrointestinal and Internal Organs

The following article details how Inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) affect your life insurance.

Can I Get Life Insurance with GI Problems?

In the above article, you’ll also find detailed guides for the following:

The above guide details underwriting, questions to expect, and the best companies by type of medical condition.

Mental Health

Find out what matters most to underwriters in the following article.

Mental Health Life Insurance

The above details life insurance outcomes for the following:

Check back often as we continually update the above mental health article.

Prostate Disorders

We have some great companies that specialize in prostate disorders.

Prostate Disorders Life Insurance

The above guide covers:

  • BPH
  • Prostatitis
  • PSA
  • High-Grade PIN
  • Low-Grade PIN

Underwriters want to know about your PSA history and biopsy results when determining your life insurance rate.


The following article provides detailed information about:

Respiratory Diseases Life Insurance

You’ll get detailed information to help you get your best life insurance rate.

Brain and Nervous System

Nervous system conditions are covered in the following post:

Brain and Nervous System Life Insurance

In the above guide, you’ll find detailed help for your condition.

General Medical Conditions

Several medical conditions do not fit traditional underwriting categories.

For those conditions, you’ll find detailed guides below.

Conditions such as:

Tobacco and Nicotine Users

Everything you need to know, including how to qualify for non-tobacco rates when available.

Life Insurance for Tobacco Use

We provide detailed information, including which companies are best for the following:

Whatever type of tobacco or nicotine products you use, you get the best advice from the above article.

Non-Medical Risks

Certain activities that you participate in may be considered high-risk from an underwriting standpoint.

Activities such as:

Our Avocation Underwriting section provides details.

No matter what type of avocation you participate in, we have life insurance options available for you.

Get Your Best High-Risk Life Insurance Rate

With high-risk life insurance, it’s all about underwriting.

We wrote the following comprehensive guide to help you find affordable life insurance

Life Insurance Underwriting

Underwriting topics reviewed in the above article include:

  • What to do when you’ve been denied life insurance?
  • How family history may affect your life insurance rates.
  • What are table ratings, and how do they work.
  • How flat extras work.

The biggest mistake made is going to the wrong company.  

It’s the number one reason for a miserable experience, terrible rate, or even a letter of decline.

High-Risk Life Insurance Policies

When ratings are added to your policy, it makes sense to look at different types of life insurance to meet your needs best.

That’s where the following guide will help.

What Type of Life Insurance Should I Get?

In the above guide, you’ll find lots of great ideas for insurance planning, including detailed articles about:

  • Term Life Insurance
  • Universal Life Insurance
  • Whole Life Insurance
  • Accidental Death Insurance
  • Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance
  • Staggered Life Insurance (laddered life insurance)

This guide provides information about products, term lengths available, and the benefits and features of each type.

High-Risk Life Insurance Companies

No single life insurance company is best for every health issue, and many insurers want nothing to do with health conditions.

According to the CDC, millions of adults in the U.S. have severe health conditions that may affect their insurability.

Life insurers have strengths and weaknesses depending on the type of health issue, occupation, or activity.

For example, some companies are very good with diabetes, while others specialize in prostate cancer underwriting.

Risk-Free Shopping – You’ll receive the life insurance quotes you need to make an informed decision.

We’ll tell you everything you need to know, including which life insurance company is best for you and why they are best for you.

We provide you with accurate quotes from all companies.

Remember that there is never any pressure or obligation with our service. 

At any time, should you change your mind, tell us to close your file.

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