West Coast Life Insurance Company (Don’t Miss Your Last Chance)

Your West Coast Life Insurance Company policy may still be valuable, but you must check it before your conversion privilege ends!

West Coast Life Overview

If you’re visiting our site today, you’re probably trying to figure out what to do with your West Coast Life policy.

You may have received one of two letters from Protective Life Insurance Company (they own West Coast Life).

One letter that Protective Life sends out is to inform you that your level term period will be ending soon, while the other letter is to inform you that your conversion privilege (which could be valuable as we explain below) is about to expire.

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West Coast Life Conversions and End of Level Term Policy Options

Life insurance companies would like nothing better than for you to let your conversion privilege expire unused. A conversion privilege allows you to exchange your term policy for a universal life policy without having to go through medical underwriting again!

Why would that be valuable to you?

If you developed a high-risk health condition since buying your policy, you can continue coverage by converting the policy as long as your conversion privilege hasn’t expired.

But, what if you don’t need the coverage anymore??

It may still be worth a look as you may have the ability to sell your policy via a life settlement that can put cash in your pocket.

As appointed agents for West Coast Life and Protective Life Insurance Company, we are able to show you the types of life insurance available for conversion before your level term life policy ends.

There’s no charge for us to put together your conversion options for you, in fact the insurance company will pay us to help you with this.

What Happened to West Coast Life Insurance Company?

West Coast Life has been a subsidiary of Protective Life Insurance Company for many years and consolidation in the life insurance industry is common.

A few years ago Protective Life decided to rebrand and move forward only offering the Protective Life Insurance Company brand.

Should I Replace My West Coast Life Insurance Policy?

There is no reason to change insurance companies simply because of the consolidation of the companies.  

If your current policy with West Coast Life meets your needs, there’s no reason to trade it in for a new policy.

Remember that any new policy will be based on your current age, health, paramedical exam results, and medical records. 

If you’ve had a change in health since the original policy was taken out, buying new insurance may not be a good strategy.

What Should I Do If My West Coast Life Term Period is Ending?

Do you still need life insurance?

If the answer is “yes”, the path you should take depends on your current health.

If you are in good health, you may shop for a new life insurance policy to replace the existing West Coast Life policy.

We have 40+ life insurance companies that offer competitive term life insurance and universal life insurance rates.

Assuming you will qualify for the same underwriting rate class as the original policy,

A new policy will most likely offer you the best pricing.

If you’ve had a significant change in health since your original policy was issued, it’s important to look at both new coverage options as well as any conversion privilege that may be available with your existing West Coast Life policy.

West Coast Life Insurance Conversion Options

West Coast Life was known for having good conversion options, in some cases up to age 75.

The 4 things you need to know in order to get conversion illustrations:

  • Your policy number
  • The conversion expiration date (or exchange date on some policies)
  • The underwriting rate class you were approved at
  • The face amount of coverage

You will typically find the above information on Page 3 of your policy.

We have access to the illustration software required to run conversion illustrations for you.

The benefits of conversion are that you do not have to go through life insurance underwriting again!

Converting your term life insurance policy is a simple process that does not require medical underwriting.

Something you may not have considered is that partial conversions are allowed too.

It may be a good idea to reevaluate your life insurance needs if you no longer need a policy as large as the original policy.

You may be able to convert some of that policy to a permanent life insurance policy quickly and easily.

We offer a hassle-free way to explore your conversion options.

We will obtain the illustrations you need in order to make an informed decision about your life insurance.

We’ll handle all the paperwork required should you decide to convert your policy.

West Coast Life Policy Options

If you still need life insurance and your existing West Coast Life policy is nearing the end of its level term period,

We’ll help you shop the marketplace for new coverage.

West Coast Life Policy Changes – We’ll show you how to complete changes to your existing policy.

Death Claims – We’ll point you in the right direction during this time.

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