Western Reserve Life Insurance Company Review

Western Reserve Life Insurance Company has merged with Transamerica Premier Life Insurance Company. 

As a result of this merger, existing policyholders are now managed by Transamerica.

If you have an existing policy with Western Reserve and need to update billing information, etc., you may contact them at 800-797-2643.

New life insurance or converting your current policy?

If you need a new life insurance policy or want to explore conversion options with your existing term life insurance policy,

We can help you as we have the best life insurance companies available for you.

If your insurance product was variable universal life insurance, please contact Transamerica directly at the above number.

Western Reserve Life Insurance Conversions

Most term life insurance policies offer a conversion privilege.

A conversion privilege allows you to exchange your term life insurance policy for a permanent life insurance policy.

You do not have to go through medical underwriting again.

If you’ve had a major change in health since you first bought your policy, a conversion privilege may offer you the best option…but be careful!

You may be able to get a better deal elsewhere…it always pays to shop.

How to ensure you choose the best option

If you look at your term life insurance policy, you will usually find important details on page 3. 

Most companies list their most important details on page 3 of the policy.

You will usually see something like “conversion expiration date”, “conversion period”, “conversion period”, etc.

You have to convert the existing policy prior to this date.

Assuming conversion is available, we’ll obtain illustrations from Transamerica for you to review.

The illustration shows the product name, the guarantees of the contract, the premium, cash values, and other relevant product information.

We’ll discuss your current health to see if you are insurable. 

If health issues are involved, we’ll reach out to other companies for underwriting feedback first.

Once that underwriting feedback is available, we’ll prepare illustrations for to compare to your Western Reserve policy.

New Life Insurance Comparison

Would you like to see how your existing Western Reserve policy compares to new term life insurance coverage?

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