MoneyGuard Fixed Advantage – A Great Choice for Long-Term Care Planning

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The Lincoln MoneyGuard Fixed Advantage plan addresses consumers’ biggest concerns about long term care insurance, including:

Guaranteed Long-Term Care Benefits.
No Lapse Guaranteed Premiums.
Choose The Type of Care You Receive.
Death Benefits if LTC is not needed.
Return of Premiums Should You Change Your Mind.

Lincoln MoneyGuard Fixed Advantage is a great option to consider when you want to know exactly what you are buying and have control over your future.

In this article, we share everything about the MoneyGuard Fixed Advantage to help you.

MoneyGuard Fixed Advantage Highlights

You probably heard the nightmare stories in the past regarding long-term care insurance policies with premiums blowing up 60-100% per year and subpar-rated companies going under, leaving policyholders in a tough spot.

Companies like John Hancock, Genworth, CNA and Transamerica Long Term Care all existed the market with their traditional policies.

Not with the MoneyGuard Fixed Advantage policy – It is 100% guaranteed!

MoneyGuard Fixed Advantage is a hybrid long-term care policy (also known as an asset-based policy). Lincoln’s hybrid policy combines universal life insurance with a long term care rider.

Check out the latest Fixed Advantage consumer guide.

The premium, long-term care benefits, return of premium amounts, and death benefits are locked from Day One of your policy!

Hybrid LTC policies have largely replaced traditional policies like CNA Long Term Care Insurance, John Hancock, and Genworth.

Recently, the CEO of Genworth indicated that their CareScout subsidiary is entering the LTC market.

Guaranteed Long Term Care Benefits

Every MoneyGuard policy has a detailed illustration that we will provide to you. The illustration you receive will detail the long term care benefits of your policy, including:

Monthly Benefits – The illustration provides the maximum monthly benefit for every year.

Annual Benefits – Your illustration will show you the maximum annual benefit available.

Total Benefits – Your illustration will show the benefits available for the policy’s life.

When you buy this policy, your illustration shows you the premiums and benefits of your policy and what you are paying for.

Flex Care Cash Amendment – Provides 50% of the maximum daily benefit and does not require receipts. It’s a great little option for when you might receive informal care from a friend or family member and want to give them some cash for helping you.

Terminal Illness Acceleration of Death Benefit Rider – If you are diagnosed with a terminal illness and a life expectancy of 12 months or less, a portion of the death benefit may be accelerated. We provide full details in the policy illustrations.

No Lapse Guaranteed Premiums

Once approved for coverage, your premium is fixed and guaranteed not to change, assuming you make your premium payments on time.

Premium payment options include a lump sum single payment, annual, semi-annual, quarterly, or monthly premium payments.

The duration of time you have to pay your premiums depends on your age.

AgeNumber of Years to Pay Premiums
40-7210 Years or Less
739 Years or Less
748 Years or Less
757 Years or Less
766 Years or Less
775 Years or Less
784 Years or Less
793 Years or Less
802 Years or Less

As an alternative to the above premium schedules, Nationwide’s CareMatters II plan allows you to pay premiums up to age 100.

Choose The Type of Care You Receive

You want control over your future care, and MoneyGuard Fixed Advantage gives you exactly that. Choices available for care include:

Assisted Living
In-Home Care
Nursing Home Care
Adult Day Care
Bed Reservation
Respite Care
Alternative Services that may evolve in the future
Caregiver Training

As you can see, many care options are available to you with this policy.

Death Benefits If LTC Is Not Needed

A great benefit of the MoneyGuard Fixed Advantage policy is that a death benefit is available.

The most common objection to standalone long-term care policies is that you get nothing if long-term care is never needed.

Not with MoneyGuard. As a hybrid life insurance policy with a long term care rider, you get a flexible policy to meet your needs.

The Value Protection Endorsement is issued with every policy to provide a no-lapse guaranteed death benefit and Return of Premium (ROP) benefits.

More on the ROP feature later in this article.

The death benefit is paid to your beneficiary income tax-free.

Your policy indicates the death benefit amount. Any long-term care claims, withdrawals, or loans taken from the policy will reduce the death benefit dollar for dollar.

Residual Death Benefit—A residual death benefit is available even if you have exhausted all long-term care benefits.

The residual death benefit is equal to the lesser of 5% of the initial death benefit or $10,000. Outstanding policy loans may further reduce this amount at death.

Return of Premiums Should You Change Your Mind

If you buy a policy, you can cancel it at any time using the included ROP benefit, which is available from Day One of your policy.

Two Return of Premium Options are Available.

1. Basic ROP—This returns 70% of the premiums you paid minus any loans, withdrawals, or long-term care claims taken.

The return of premiums option returns a vested percentage of premiums less any loans, claims, or withdrawals.

2. Graded ROP—It begins at 70% and increases 3% per year up to 100% over an eleven-year period: 70%, 73%, 76%, 79%, 81%, 84%, 87%, 91%, 94%, 97%, 100%.

The Graded ROP is the more expensive option due to the increased return of premiums in later years.

Who Should Consider the Fixed Advantage Policy?

The Fixed Advantage policy protects your income and retirement assets from being used to pay long-term care expenses.

Having long-term care insurance gives you control over your future care if needed. Even if you never need LTC, the death benefit leaves a legacy for your beneficiaries.

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, at least 70% of people over 65 will require long-term care.

Please take a few minutes to request your No Pressure, No Obligation quote today.

Product Details

This universal life insurance policy has a Long Term Care Benefits Rider (LTCBR).

  • Issue Ages – 40-80
  • Minimum Death Benefit – $50,000
  • Maximum Death Benefit – $500,000
  • Long-Term Care Benefits Duration – 3, 4, 5, or 6 years.
  • Inflation Protection Options
    • No Inflation
    • 3% Compound Inflation
    • 5% Compound Inflation
  • Non-forfeiture Benefit
  • International Benefit
  • Flexible Care Cash Amendment
  • Terminal Illness Rider
  • Value Protection Endorsement
    • No Lapse Guarantee
    • Return of Premium Benefit
  • Benefit Transfer Rider
  • Living Well Endorsement

The MoneyGuard policy is a reimbursement policy, meaning that it will pay for the actual expenses billed, vs. an indemnity policy that pays a set monthly benefit as determined by your policy.

Direct billing can be set up with care providers to make it simple.

Sample MoneyGuard Fixed Advantage Contract

MoneyGuard Fixed Advantage vs. Nationwide CAre Matters II

How does the MoneyGuard Fixed Advantage stack up against the competition?

Here are some highlights vs. other products in the market.

Fixed Advantage
CareMatters II
Issue Ages40-8030-70
Minimum Face Amount$50,000$60,000
Premium OptionsSingle Pay
2-10 Years based on age
Single Pay
5 Year Pay
10 Year Pay
Pay to Age 65
Pay to Age 100
Inflation ProtectionNo Inflation
3% Compound
5% Compound
3% Simple
3% Compound
5% Compound
LTC Benefit Duration Periods3-6 Years2 – 7 Years
Elimination PeriodNo Elimination
90 Days
Residual Death BenefitLesser of 5% of Death Benefit or $10,00020% of Face
Refund of PremiumReduced Paid-Up BenefitsYes
Reduced Paid Up BenefitsYesReduced Paid-Up Benefits
Terminal Illness BenefitsYesYes


You have questions about MoneyGuard Fixed Advantage, and we have the answers.

Final Thoughts

The MoneyGuard Fixed Advantage is a great option to address your long term care needs.

Some states have programs to consider like the California Long-Term Care Insurance Program.

Our service will provide quotes for this policy and competitors to ensure you have the best options for making informed decisions.

Contact us today for a personalized long-term care consultation!

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