Addison’s Disease Life Insurance


If you have Addison’s Disease and need life insurance, let us help you.

Our life insurance expertise with endocrine diseases will help you find affordable life insurance.

Addison’s Disease Overview

Addison’s Disease occurs when the adrenal gland fails to produce enough cortisol and aldosterone.

Your body requires Cortisol to maintain your metabolic processes, such as your blood pressure and vascular system.

Aldosterone is needed by your body to maintain your salt balance as well as blood pressure and vascular systems.

From a life insurance underwriting standpoint, the higher risk that Addison’s Disease creates is a cardiovascular risk, increased coma risk, and adrenal crisis caused by electrolyte and metabolic problems.

Addison’s Disease Life Insurance Underwriting

Life insurance underwriters want to know that you are compliant with taking your medications and that by taking your medications, you have been able to avoid adrenal crises as much as possible.

Addison’s Disease treatment is typically hydrocortisone, prednisone, and in cases where aldosterone is deficient, a medication such as fludrocortisone is added to the treatment plan.

The greatest life insurance underwriting risk occurs during the early years of diagnosis and treatment when medications are new, and the insured is learning to monitor and regulate medications.

What to Expect from Life Insurance Underwriters

Most life insurance companies will postpone your life insurance if you were diagnosed with Addison’s Disease within the past six months to 1 year. 

They want to see your treatment and medications work.

After one year, provided that cancer has been ruled out, you are taking your medication, and you have not been hospitalized for adrenal crisis, obtaining “standard life insurance rates” with a few life insurance companies that understand Addison’s Disease underwriting may be possible.

If you have been hospitalized for Addison’s Disease, the life insurance companies may postpone you for some time, and then when life insurance is available, the life insurance companies may charge you the standard rate plus an additional charge called a table rating.

This is true whether you seek term life insurance, universal life insurance or whole life insurance.

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