Cervical Cancer Life Insurance

Life insurance is now possible for cervical cancer survivors.

We’ll help you find affordable coverage from companies specializing in high-risk life insurance.

Life insurance underwriters want to know the following about your cervical cancer history:

  • When were you diagnosed with cervical cancer?
  • How old were you when diagnosed with cervical cancer?
  • What stage was cervical cancer?
  • How was cervical cancer treated?
  • When did you start and complete treatment?
  • Has there been any recurrence?

With any cancer history, having as much detail as possible when we speak with underwriters is essential.

Cervical Cancer Underwriting

Most life insurance companies will postpone offering coverage to you for some time after the completion of treatment.  

After that, life insurance is available depending on the staging of cervical cancer.

Stage 1 Cervical Cancer

Life insurance may be possible within one year of completing all cervical cancer treatment up to stage 1a.

The following will usually apply:

  • A flat extra charge is typically added to the standard life insurance rates.
  • The flat extra will add approximately $500 for every $100,000 of life insurance.
  • The flat extra will last for three years on average when the stage is 1a or less.

Aggressive stage 1 cervical cancer will require longer postponement periods and more expensive flat extras.

Stage 2 Cervical Cancers

Life insurance is available subject to the following guidelines:

  • Stage 2A and stage 2B cervical cancers typically have five years postpone periods
  • Flat extra expenses for Stage 2a and 2b cervical cancers will add $750 – $1500 per every $100,000 of coverage.
  • Flat extras will last 5-10 years when life insurance is available.

The availability of life insurance depends on the type of treatment received and whether any lymph nodes were involved.  

Most life insurance underwriters will not consider coverage for 10+ years if there is any lymph node involvement.

Flat extra expenses are common with many types of cancer.  

Final Words

There is never any pressure or obligation with our life insurance service.

We’ll help you find the coverage you need at the best possible price.

Please submit your request today. Thank you

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