Crohn’s Disease Life Insurance

Getting Life Insurance with Crohn’s Disease. We show you how.

Crohn’s Disease Overview

How do you get life insurance if you have Crohn’s disease?

Crohn’s disease is an inflammatory bowel disease, characterized by chronic inflammation.

And while there is no known cure for Crohn’s, successful treatment allows life insurers to offer coverage.

Crohn’s Disease Underwriting

Companies that specialize in high-risk life insurance are the best option to start with.

Underwriters are concerned about:

  • The extent of gastrointestinal involvement
  • Complications from surgery
  • Obstructions, perforations, abscesses & fistulas
  • The increased risk of colorectal cancer.

While the underwriting of digestive diseases is complicated, coverage is available for most people with Crohn’s.

Medical Treatment – No Surgery

If you were just diagnosed with Crohn’s, most life insurers will postpone underwriting for 6 months or longer.

After the postpone period, underwriting is based on the severity and treatment received.

Stable Symptoms and Time Since Last Flare-up

  • 0 – 6 months – Postpone, with rare exceptions
  • 6 – 12 months – Standard rates plus 50 – 150%
  • 12 – 36 months – Standard rates plus 50 – 100% added.
  • 36 – 60 months – Standard rates plus 50%, or better.
  • Standard rates are possible after 60 months.

Most people with Crohn’s will receive a table-rated policy, expressed in percentages below.

Slight variations in test results, elevated liver functions, remission periods, etc. will affect the final ratings received.

Surgical History – No Recurrence

It’s estimated that 70% of people with Crohn’s will need surgery at some point in their life.

Underwriters review:

  • The type of surgery
  • Time since surgery was completed
  • Current symptoms
  • Other factors

Stable Symptoms and Time Since Surgery

  • 0 – 12 months – Postpone for most cases
  • 12 – 24 months – Standard rates plus 50 – 150%
  • 24 – 36 months – Standard rates plus 50 – 100%
  • 36 – 60 months – Standard rates plus 50%.
  • Standard rates or better after 60 months

Underwriting concerns include lack of stability with weight, elevated liver functions, and other Crohn’s related symptoms.

Minor cramping and diarrhea are okay from an underwriting standpoint.

Surgical History with Recurrence

It’s estimated that 60% of people who’ve had surgery for Crohn’s will have a recurrence within 10 years of surgery.

Stable Symptoms and Time Since Recurrence

  • 0 – 12 months – Postpone
  • 12 – 24 months – Standard rates plus 50 – 150%
  • 24 – 36 months – Standard rates plus 50 – 100%
  • 36 – 60 months – Standard rates plus 50%
  • Standard rates may be possible after 60 months

The difference for people who’ve had a recurrence is that you will end up at the higher end of the rating range.

If daily oral steroids are used, underwriting may add an additional 25% to the above ratings.

Evidence of dysplasia on biopsies, or sclerosing cholangitis or pericholangitis will result in a decline.

Crohn’s Disease Conclusion

We can help you find affordable life insurance.

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