Get Affordable Life Insurance After a Heart Attack

Which companies are best, how soon can you get it, and how much will it cost you?

Here’s Some Proof of What We Do

Your age, heart attack severity, cardiac rehab, and current health are major factors

Heart Attack Case #1

Male, Age 60 – $1,000,000

  • Two heart attacks in the past ten years
  • Has had four stents
  • Favorable cardiac workups
  • BP & Cholesterol Meds

Shopped our companies

  • Lincoln – Table 4
  • Principal – Table 4
  • Prudential – Table 6
  • Minnesota – Table 6
  • Nationwide – Table 6
  • Eight Declines

The best offer was Lincoln National at a Table 4 rating.

Heart Attack Case #2

Male, Age 54 – $250,000

  • Heart attack at 51
  • Three stents
  • Favorable cardiac workups
  • BP & Cholesterol Meds
  • Positive lifestyle changes

Shopped our companies

  • AIG – Table 3-4
  • Prudential – Table 4
  • Protective – Table 4
  • John Hancock – Table 4
  • Minnesota – Table 6
  • Seven Declines

The best offer was AIG-American General at a Table 4 rating.

Heart Attack Case #3

Male, Age 67 – $250,000

  • Heart attack at 48
  • Quadruple bypass
  • No recent cardiac workup

Shopped our companies

Most did not offer due to most recent workup over three years old.

  • AIG – Table 6
  • John Hancock – Table 5
  • No other offers

Best offer was AIG due to more favorable pricing.

We take the time to understand your heart attack history and match you with the best life insurance companies.

Benefit #1 – Heart attack history saves here

We have affordable life insurance for you if you’ve had a heart attack and need life insurance.

You’ll know exactly what to expect before you complete an application.

There is never any pressure or obligation with our service.

Companies that underwrite heart attacks include:

  • AIG – Corebridge Financial
  • Banner Life
  • John Hancock
  • Lincoln National
  • Nationwide
  • Minnesota Life
  • Pacific Life
  • Penn Mutual
  • Protective
  • Prudential
  • SBLI
  • Symetra
  • United of Omaha
  • Zurich

Benefit #2 Underwriting Expertise with heart attacks

We’ve been helping heart attack survivors since 1998.

We have the experience and knowledge to help you get affordable life insurance after a heart attack.

  • Single heart attack
  • Multiple heart attacks
  • Bypass surgery history
  • Stent history
  • Poor cardiac followup
  • Other heart problems

Best Life Insurance after Heart Attack

Do you need to know all the finer details of heart attack underwriting? Keep reading

Heart Attack Life Insurance Underwriting

When you’ve had a heart attack, it’s important to know the following in order to get accurate quotes.

  1. How old were you when you had a heart attack?
  2. Did you have more than one heart attack?
  3. What caused the heart attack?
  4. Did you have heart bypass surgery?
  5. If yes, how many arteries and which ones were bypassed?
  6. Did you have angioplasty (stents) completed?
  7. If yes, how many and which arteries?
  8. Have you completed cardiac rehab and follow-up testing?
  9. What tests were performed? (stress test, echocardiogram, cardiac catheter)
  10. What was your left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF) if known?
  11. Were the results from the follow-up stress test normal or abnormal?
  12. Were any other heart issues discovered? Angina, arrhythmias, atrial fibrillation.
  13. Do you have high blood pressure?
  14. Do you have any other health issues?
  15. What medications do you take?

The above are the basic underwriting questions we ask about heart attacks. There may be some additional questions based on your answers.

Life insurers look at the severity and damage to your heart, the number of arteries affected, treatment received, and your current health when determining the availability and pricing of life insurance.

Other health issues, such as a stroke history, diabetes, or lupus need to be discussed as these issues complicate underwriting.

Let us know about positive changes, such as exercise, weight loss, and quitting tobacco.

How RiskQuoter Helps Heart Attack Survivors

Once we have your health history, we use a quick quote to shop for underwriting offers.

A quick quote is simply a medical summary: we shop at life insurance companies specializing in heart attacks. The benefit is that we’ll have underwriting feedback from all companies in 3-5 days.

At that point, we can provide you with life insurance quotes based on your individual medical history, whether you want term life insurance, universal life, or whole life insurance.

What’s the catch?

There’s no catch. With our service, there is never any obligation or pressure. We give you the information you need to make an informed decision about your life insurance.

After we discuss your quotes, tell us to close your file if you’re no longer interested.


Can you get life insurance after a heart attack?

Yes, although you may have to wait a while (postpone period) before term life insurance or universal life insurance is available. For some people, a small guaranteed issue policy may be available immediately.

How long after a heart attack can you get life insurance?

A common postponement period is six months, although some mild heart attacks may be insurable in three months, while more severe cases will require 12 months.

How does a heart attack affect life insurance rates?

Heart attacks negatively affect life insurance rates by adding 50-200% expense, called a life insurance table rate. Life insurance rates tend to improve as more time passes since the heart attack.

Does life insurance cover a heart attack if you die?

Life insurance will pay your beneficiaries if you die from a heart attack. If you bought a guaranteed issue life insurance policy, this policy would only pay the death benefit if you died in year three or later.

Can I get life insurance if I was previously denied?

Yes, many times, the reason for a decline is that you ended up with the wrong life insurance company that does not understand heart attack life insurance underwriting. We’ll get you to the right life insurance company.

Heart Attack Final Words

Life insurance after a heart attack is available, but you must work with an expert who understands how high-risk life insurance works.

We’re fanatical at what we do. I work to get all my clients the best possible life insurance rate based on their individual medical histories.

If one life insurance company doesn’t offer you what you deserve, we’ll keep going until you get the best rate possible.

Please take a few minutes to submit your custom quote request today. Thank you.

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